A Loud Roar!


Sometimes a book comes along that breaks the mold in it’s genre, Roar is one of these books. A long awaited new title from Kally, this is a standalone from the Rescue Me series we all know and love, but there are characters here from that series.

This isn’t your typical romance or erotica novel, so be aware of that going in. It will definitely pull at your heart strings, it will make you laugh, cry and rejoice life. That said, of course, there is the steamy stuff you’ve come to expect from Kally as well.

Kristoffer Roar Larson was in a car accident four years ago with his wife Tori, and while he was relatively unscathed, Tori has been living ever since in a permanent vegetative state. Not one to shirk his vows, he’s remained faithful to her ever since. Then he meets Pamela.

Dr Pamela Jeffery is a student submissive at the Denver Academy. (If this name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s from Red Pheonix’s Brie Masters Love in Submission) She is standing naked in front of the class for a lesson when Kris comes through on a tour. Her and Kris know each other from working on a project of Kris’s cousin Gunnar’s. She looks to him to not reveal her secret.

Just when the two of them figure they are safe from seeing each other again after that night, Gunnar asks them to work on the project together. As much as Kris tries to stay away from Pamela, he finds he can’t. He feels terrible guilt over this as he still loves his wife. Pamela, is recovering from an illness she contracted overseas and Kris sees she’s overdoing it. He also notices she can’t quite focus. He then offers to train her with some exercises. He’ll be her top only. No emotions, no sex. But then Tori’s health changes, and Pamela proves just how much she cares for Kris.

As I said, this book brings up a lot of emotions and the relationship between Kris and Pamela evolves slowly. It’s an incredible, beautiful read that raises the question of what would you do if faced with keeping your loved one alive? The BDSM scenes we’ve come to love from Kally, as I said, are still here and are as hot as ever. If you buy a new book this year. Buy Roar.

5 Heartfelt Orgasms.



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