Rhonda’s Dragon


Let me tell you a fairy tale. A very naughty one at that. It begins with a very bad dragon. Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, a very angry dragon named Drorgan became very upset that his invitation to a wedding got lost. He crashed the wedding and caused great havoc. Because of this, he, and his whole kingdom, were turned into stone. The curse stated that he was allowed out of the stone once every 25 years. He had 24 hours to find someone who would love him for what and who he was.

Enter Rhonda. When she was just a little girl, Drorgan saved her when she wandered off from home. Now, he rescues her again when she’s attacked on the way home from work. Drorgan takes her to his castle and lands, which are frozen in time. Can Rhonda be the woman to break the curse? Drorgan thinks she may be, but he doesn’t want to condemn her to a life trapped in his reality. It will take Rhonda and a special little girl to get a stubborn dragon to admit that everything he could ever want is right under his nose…or is that snout?

This was a delightful story with magic, dragons, suspense, and with Doris O’Connor at the helm, very hot sex scenes with a very Alpha Dominant dragon. Just yummy. And so very hard to put down. You’ll have to grab a copy and see. And the best part? Rhonda is a real, live person, who is just as warm and loving as the Rhonda in the book. Doris has a knack for taking real people and weaving them into a story and making it incredible!

5 Fire Breathing Orgasms




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