No one can know about our love—and hiding only makes it hotter.
Dallas Sykes has a reputation. He is known for his parties, his money, and the countless women on his arm. Yet the Dallas I know is a different man—darker, smarter, and unbearably sexy. Just one look from him can leave me breathless; the anticipation of his touch can make me lose control.

Inextricably bound by our past, we keep each other’s secrets. And while there are people who have the power to hurt us, it’s the truth that threatens us most of all.

Dallas can be mine only behind closed doors, our passion as searing as it is forbidden. Yet nothing in this world has ever felt so desperately, deliciously right.

Hottest Mess is the second book in the S.I.N series, if you haven’t read Dirtiest Secret, I suggest you do so before delving into the hotness that is Hottest Mess.

Dallas and Jane are finally together, but it’s behind closed doors and Dallas needs to continue his playboy appearances to help get to the bottom of the kidnapping that occured 17 years prior. The more Dallas and his group, Deliverance, dig for answers, the more secrets he has to keep from Jane.

Dallas struggles with the darkness in him after what was done to him during his captivity, but Jane is more than willing to go there with him. It leads to some of the hottest sex scenes ever, and J Kenner burns up the pages as usual with this couple.

“This whole thing is a hot mess, you know. How are we ever going to make this work?”
The silence between us is long, but then finally he answers. “I don’t know,” he admits. “But we will. Don’t ever doubt it. Don’t ever doubt us.”

As the couple struggle to make their relationship work, an outside force is sending Dallas messages that could be trouble. And since this is a S.I.N novel, some old favorites make an appearance. You’ll just have to pick up a copy of this steamy novel and let yourself be taken away by some serious hotness!

A 5 Orgasm Screamer!



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About knotty girl Sandiehttp://Knottygirlreview.comJust a subbie, and an author who loves books, especially the kinky ones. I've been reading since I could hold a book and I have a voracious appetite for them. I have that dreaded disease, oneclickitis. I probably have at least 5500 books just on my Kindle alone.I am also a writer and I'm currently writing my first book, which is the first in a planned series.

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