Get Your Hands On This!


Hands On is part one of three in the Hands On serial series. I both love and hate serial series, I love them because of the anticipation of a new book coming. I hate them because of the exact same reason. We obviously live in a world of instant gratification, hense e-books and the ability to one-click to get said e-books into our hot little hands.

In Hands On, Danielle Lang is a psychologist who is going to be teacing a sex education class in just a couple of short weeks. She needs the money to pay bills and to make her way into getting her own practice. Problem is, she has absolutely no life experience to draw on. Her friend recommends she find someone to break her of that.

Enter high school crush, and pro-quarterback Jack “Bad A**” Rider. After much consideration, she decides he’s the one to teach her what she needs to know. But when he finds out she’s a virgin…well, you’ll have to read it and find out!

I really enjoyed this read from Cathryn, and I’m going to go crazy waiting for the next book to come out. Damn you serials! Arc Provided Free of Charge in exchange for an honest review


4 and 1/2 Orgasms



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