I’ll admit, I’ve been dying to read this book since it came out, but as a blogger, I have a schedule of books I read. So I fit Trinity into my schedule as soon as I possibly could. Luckily, I managed to get myself ahead of schedule due to some sleepless nights. So I grabbed my opportunity to read it now. Boy, am I glad I did!

Jennifer Reeves, known as Jenn to friends, is the manager and person who pretty much runs the Corkscrew, a rundown restaurant and bar that she’s pretty much inherited from the man who raised her. It’s her whole life.

One night, she’s having a bachelorette party for her best friend when two handsome strangers walk in. She’s attracted to both, but, catching the vibes off of them, figures they are gay.

Shane Laughtner and Chase Hammond make it a point to flirt with the sexy bartender, and by the time the night wears on, the three of them have some steamy three-way sex you won’t want to miss. Jenn figures it’s just a one-night stand and runs off the following morning to go fight with the developer who wants to buy out the Corkscrew. She isn’t selling, at any cost, no matter how ruthless the developer Ty is. To her surprise, she runs into Shane on the way out. Seems both he and Chase work for the enemy.  She informs him she never wants to see either one of them again and runs out.

But after visiting Pops, she finds Chase and Shane waiting for her. They both promise they have nothing to do with the deal and want a chance to explore the connection they all have. Does she go for it? And will she lose her heart and her bar in the process? You need to pick up a copy of Trinity to find out!

The scenes between Jenn, Shane and Chase are off the charts smoking hot! It’s a short read, but packed full of an emotional story told with so much pure eroticism, love, and OMG the waffles! Seriously, they sound to die for! This book most definitely needs to be on your TBR list.

This is a 5 Orgasm Three-way!



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About knotty girl Sandiehttp://Knottygirlreview.comJust a subbie, and an author who loves books, especially the kinky ones. I've been reading since I could hold a book and I have a voracious appetite for them. I have that dreaded disease, oneclickitis. I probably have at least 5500 books just on my Kindle alone.I am also a writer and I'm currently writing my first book, which is the first in a planned series.

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