Wicked Mafia Prince


The premise of this story is this, Viktor had to throw the love of his life off of a gorge a long time ago because he thought she betrayed both him and the mafia family they belonged to. Now it turns out she’s quite alive and of all things, she’s a nun…and she has amnesia.

We find Taneshka in a facility where she and others are to be sold to the highest bidder in a virgin auction. She is constantly on her knees praying, and turned away from the camera. But, Vicktor knows it’s her, he’s obsessed with watching her, and when his brothers in the group find out, they are none to happy. They have also been chasing down a lead for a brother kidnapped when he was a baby, and have a good, strong lead.

As Taneshka is rescued, she can be difficult at times. And Viktor can be harsh in trying to get her to remember.

While I found the writing to be good, this was not as enjoyable a read as the first book was for me.

3 Orgasms



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