Dominance Never Dies, (And Neither Will This Series)


The Taggarts. A name sure to send females hearts everywhere racing, especially submissives. First we had Sean, who swooped in on his Gracie and protected her from an evil ecoterrorist and Mr Black. Then we have Ian, that lemon donut, Guns N Roses loving leader of McKay-Taggart who you never quite know if what he’s saying is naughty or nice. (I say naughty.) He was a much harder man until his Charlie came back from the dead and brought him back to life. Now, we have the first of the Taggart twins, half brothers to Ian and Sean. Case has had to mourn his twin Theo’s death during an op gone bad. And worse, he found out the woman he really liked was lying about who she was. A big no-no for Case.

It’s eight months later, and Mia Lawless Danvers has worked tirelessly to find a way back into the man she loves arms. She’s done just that, she’s found proof that Theo is alive and she knows where he is. But when she confronts Case to tell him the news, he’s not quite as receptive to the news as she’d hoped, so she takes herself off with a bodyguard and attempts to chase down the lead herself. But, after having some sense talked into him, Case meets up with Mia and stalls her departure, assuring he and his team are with her on the hunt for his brother.

Things turn typically crazy as they do in a Masters and Mercenaries novel, there is attempted kidnappings, feisty subbies, people getting shot, misunderstandings, more kidnappings. Just a typical outing in Lexi’s books, but a grand adventure that I loved every second, including all of the hot, kinky sex and McKay-Taggart team fun she’s known for.

This is most definitely a 5 Orgasm Read!



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