Going Deep!!

Going Deep

Just one look at the cover of this book, and you know you’re in for some yummy, sexy, good reading. Just the name Jayne Rylon assures that alone, nevermind the sexy Adonis on the cover. Her books have been a staple in my e-reader since they have first started coming out, and unless she stops writing them, (perish the thought!) they will always be in my TBR list.

I fell in love with this series with the first book when we read about Archer and Waverly’s romance and hot, kinky sex in Going Down. This time, we are treated to Miguel and Sabine’s story.

Miguel is the hot, South American, Divemaster that is assigned by Banks to help Dr Sabine Reynolds with her sample collections and research. She is picking up on an experiment where her mentor left off of. Her mentor was suddenly killed in a lab explosion, and Sabine watched it all happen, not at all sure it wasn’t an accident.

Miguel takes to Sabine immediately, and Sabine to Miguel as well. It’s not long before the fireworks fly between them, and the scenes between them are hotter than the Hawaiian sun. But someone doesn’t want Sabine to complete her work. What lengths will they go to stop her? You need to pick up a copy and find out.

As usual, this book is right off the hotness meter. Jayne writes some of the most sizzling sex scenes out there, and you would be crazy not to grab this up. I couldn’t put it down!

5 Super Sizzling Orgasms!!!



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