Wicked Play is Wicked Awesome!


Behind the doors of the Twin Cities’ most exclusive BDSM club, The Den, pleasure reigns supreme. Here, every secret fantasy will be fulfilled, every forbidden desire granted—but only if you’re brave enough to ask.

And so begins the tale of Wicked Play and Cali Reynolds, a newly divorced, unfulfilled, mother, who applies for membership to the Den to find what she’s never had, intimacy., a connection. She meets with Seth, one of the owners, and cannot quite explain what it is she wants, until he pushes her. Then, when all looks lost, she admits her desires.

Then she meets Jake. Jake has been asked to show her around. What’s turned into a chore, turns into a night of passion and awakening for Cali. But she realizes that this is just a scene to Jake, and she runs. They end up running int0 eachother again, and eventually. Cali goes back. Is it more than a scene to him? Find out in book 2.Lynda Aicher has done a brilliant job ratcheting up the tension, sexual and otherwise!

5 Orgasms



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