01-ODTL-v6Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she’s a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him—only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O’Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he resolves to step in and do whatever it takes to help Hammer find happiness again, even rousing his friend’s possessive instincts by making the girl a proposition too tempting to refuse. But he never imagines that he’ll end up falling for her himself.


Hammer has buried his lust for Raine for years. After rescuing the budding runaway from an alley behind his exclusive BDSM Dungeon, he has come to covet the pretty submissive. But tragedy has taught him that he can never be what she needs. So he watches over her while struggling to keep his distance. Liam’s crafty plan blindsides Hammer, especially when he sees how determined his friend is to possess Raine for his own. Hammer isn’t ready to give the lovely submissive over to any other Dom, but can he heal from his past and fight for her? Or will he lose Raine if she truly gives herself—heart, body, and soul—to Liam?


This is the first book in the Doms of her life series written in a collaboration by three incredibly talented ladies, Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, and Isabella LaPearl. I’ve personally read all of Shayla and Jenna’s books over the years and know how incredibly talented they are, so I trust that Isabella must be just as equally good.

This book was wonderful from the very beginning, and drew me in with Rayne’s unrequited love for Macen Hammerman, also known as Hammer. Hammer figures he’s too old, she can’t be what he wants her to be, and she’d grow to hate him. Enter his best friend Liam O’Neill. Liam has been watching the interchange between the two of them, and when Hammer hurts Rayne with how he behaves, Liam decides to intervene by taking Rayne as his own and training her.

Rayne tries to seduce Hammer, and it goes horribly wrong for her, ending up with a sadist punishing her publicly. This just cements the relationship between Rayne and Liam, but a mistake later on has Liam rushing Rayne away and Hammer going insane. Will these two friends ever mend their relationship? And will Rayne be the Catalyst? This is one series you really need to sink your teeth into! It’s emotional, it’s sexy, and it grabs it’s hooks into you from the first page.

5 Panty Melting Orgasms


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About knotty girl Sandiehttp://Knottygirlreview.comJust a subbie, and an author who loves books, especially the kinky ones. I've been reading since I could hold a book and I have a voracious appetite for them. I have that dreaded disease, oneclickitis. I probably have at least 5500 books just on my Kindle alone.I am also a writer and I'm currently writing my first book, which is the first in a planned series.

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