What can I say? The world needs more killers for hire like Eitan Kent. It would certainly be rid of some seriously awful people, that, and be full of some hot hunks who knew how to lead in the bedroom.

Eitan is an ex-CIA operative who’s sister went missing from her dorm room, when the CIA didn’t pursue her case in conjunction with a human trafficking ring in the area, he left his job and started looking for himself. And while he didn’t find her, he rescued another woman. Who now had a home that he’d bought and took in other rescues to care for them. Now Eitan takes private contracts to find criminals who are trying to hide from the government.

He gets a lead on a murdering sociopath, an information broker. He just happens to be the same man that romance writer Sofia writer invited to dinner that night. Sofia had finally bumped into her neighbor across the hall after he’d been there 6 months. He helped her to the car with her boxes she was taking to storage. So, after her mother had given her grief for the umpteenth time about finding a man, she invites him to dinner. When he’s late, she goes to his apartment. She doesn’t find her neighbor Carl. Instead, she finds Eitan. He’s going to find out where Ben Donovan is, through any means necessary.

Whew! This is such a hot book! I for one wouldn’t mind being tied up and interrogated by Eitan AT. All.

I asked Sarah where she came up with the idea for this story, this was her answer:

Sarah:”Well. this one started out as an antho call for Evernight’s Dark Captive anthology, that’s why it’s on the shorter side. Not quite dark enough for the antho, but I thought they had a good story. Eitan’s character is a bit darker than my previous heroes, but once I started writing him I found him rather captivating.

Knotty Reviewer: I Love him! Where did you come up with his name?

Sarah: (laughs), I had a co-worker name her son that about 8 yrs ago and I loved it, so it went on my ‘baby name’ list….and since I don’t have any kids as of yet, I rob a lot of my character names from the list!

This is most definitely going in my “Books to re-read” pile. I positively fell in love with Eitan. I got a huge kick out of the way he taunted the bad dude in the beginning of the book. This is a panty melting 5 Orgasm book

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review





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Dark Redemption


Dark Redemption


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