Obsession (The Nirvana Series book 1)


About The Book:

The ultimate bachelor meets his match when he sets out to seduce his secretary. What starts off as fantasy soon becomes an obsession.
Thaddeus Remington has everything he has ever wanted–a successful business, wealth and the ultimate bachelor lifestyle–until he meets his new secretary, Hannah Brinkley. Immediately he is intrigued and drawn to her, unaware of the side she keeps hidden until he sees her one evening at a local Atlanta kink club. Intending to turn his fantasies into reality, he sets out to seduce her.
Hannah Brinkley, a transplant from Texas, is unable to resist the lure of once again finding pleasure at the hands of a Dominant and becomes a member at a local club. Once there, she realizes that the man who flirts incessantly with her throughout the day is actually in a position to back up each and every naughty suggestion.
Physical attraction soon leads to a full-blown obsession that leaves them not only questioning each other bun, t also searching their own hearts. Will the answers revealed bring them closer to experiencing nirvana in each other’s arms or tear them apart for good?


It’s the classic tale of uber-hot, millionaire boss falling for his secretary, and in this case, Dominating her. (My very favorite of tales) We have here, Thaddeus Remington, (love the name) and his secretary, Hannah Brinkley, Both of whom are harboring crushes on the other. She, wanting him to tie her up and have his way with her, and him wanting to tie her up…you get the


Neither knows the other is a Dominant and submissive so when Thad returned home from a business trip and heads to Nirvana, a local BDSM club, and finds Hannah tied to a St Andrews cross. He decides he’s going to have her, and after some office seduction, he meets back up with her at the club.

But Hannah’s insecurities and outside forces may just put this relationship in jeopardy. Warning folks, this ends in a cliffhanger as it is part one of three. 

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

I’m giving it a 4 Orgasm Rating~ I’m liking the writing, but Hannah needs  some work.


Amazon/Amazon UK/TotallyBound

Totally Bound

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