An Interview With Tilly Cardinal Lacroux from Tymber Dalton’s Suncoast Society


Knotty Girl:Hi Tilly! It’s wonderful to meet you! Thanks for joining us today on Knotty Girl Reviews.

My first question is about your choice of career. What made you decide to become a nurse?


Tilly:Thanks for having me! I wanted to help people, but I also wanted a job where I knew I could support myself. My mother had asthma, and couldn’t even work full-time. I saw what that did to her, her health and her self-esteem, which ended up her staying in a highly abusive relationship over her fears of not being able to afford to support us. I wanted to be able to help others, make a positive difference in their lives. I already knew a little about medicine just from going to her doctor appointments with her. Not to mention, in Florida, being a nurse pretty much means having job security. Which was something else I wanted. When my mom was killed, I sued the driver. It was a hit-and-run, and he’d most likely been drunk when he hit her. I decided I’d use that money for college, because I’d make something good come out of losing her. It’s what she would have wanted.


Knotty Girl:Wow! I’m so sorry about your mom, but I’m sure she would have been proud of you.

This is a two-part question. When did you realize you were into BDSM, and which role do you prefer more, Domme or sub?


Tilly:That’s a hard question. I had some friends in college who talked about this group of people they knew, and one of them encouraged me to go with her to a “munch.” Had no freaking clue what it was, but she offered to buy me dinner. I was in college and pinching pennies, so I went. I met Loren and Ross that night, among others, and while I wasn’t sure that I would ever “do” anything, I kept coming back for the friendship. Then I met Cris, and things felt…right. For the first time in my life, they felt right. What happened when he left and then returned has already been detailed. People think being a bottom or being a Top is equivalent to being dominant or submissive, but it’s not. Tops are about service just as much as bottoms are. Even being a Domme, I was still in some ways giving a service. One I was paid for and that allowed me to work out some anger issues on willing customers. I couldn’t trust enough to be a submissive to anyone for a long time. What Landry and Cris and I have is very fluid and dynamic and can change not just from day-to-day but from hour to hour sometimes. I know some people think what happened when Cris came back was cruel, but what people don’t understand is Cris felt he had to do penance for what he did. He fully consented to what happened. At any time, he could have said the word and left. I really didn’t enjoy what Landry and I did to him. It was sort of a crucible the three of us needed to go through to mark the end of the past and start the future together. I look back at what we did and while I’m not exactly proud of it, the three of us pretty much agree that had we not had a thermonuclear kind of reunion the way we did, none of us would have ever been able to really set the past aside and start over. There are times I love dropping into a submissive head space with Cris or Landry. But there are times even Landry enjoys letting go to the two of us. Not submissively, but just letting us take charge so he can chill out. That’s not even so much a D/s kind of thing as it is a human being kind of thing. We all like to have someone to take care of us. When I had to have surgery, you never saw two Doms tripping over themselves as much as they did to take care of me, without me even asking them to. We love each other, and I can’t imagine life without either of them.


Knotty Girl:I’m sure they feel the exact way about you too Tilly!

(I smile at her because, she just lights up when she talks about Cris and Landry, and It’s hard not to feel that kind of infectious energy in the room.)

You seem like an amazing friend to have, it makes me wish I lived in the area, (smiles).Who are you closest to in the Suncoast circle and why?


Tilly:Aww, thank you. 🙂 Loren is my best friend, and the one I’ve known the longest. Her and Ross. They sort of took me under their wing when I first started coming around, and they were the ones who forced me to keep going when Cris left me. They’ve stayed by my side through thick and thin, literally. Loren and I have some stuff in common in our backgrounds, bad stuff, and it left both of us unable to have kids, so that was something else we unfortunately bonded over. I’m also pretty close to Leah, and to Abbey. And Leigh, of course, because we’re friends and work together. We’re like an adopted family. I should add that I get a lot of questions about John (Gilo). I actually really like him. We’re good friends. Under different circumstances, the two of us might have eventually ended up together, but that’s not what happened. He’s a massive SAM and loves to gig me into going after him. It’s just kind of our thing, and we both enjoy it.


Knotty Girl:He is quite the character! But was so wonderful with Abbey.

We all know prison orange isn’t your color, and have seen some examples where you have come close to wearing it in defense of your friends. What would you say is the closest you’ve come to donning the dreaded jumpsuit?


Tilly:Probably when I punched Paul. (Oh, wait, you haven’t read that yet. Hee hee.) Lucky for me, he didn’t press charges. Motherfucker, that hurt my hand, too.


Knotty Girl:Can’t WAIT to see what THAT was all about.

Thank You so much for agreeing to speak with me today, I’m very honored and a big fan. One last question? What would someone like me have to do to join Venture? And are there a lot of hot Doms available? (okay, that was two questions, grin)


Tilly:Thanks for having me! Well, anyone can join, as long as they’re not a sexual predator. LOL (I’ve been told that the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club bears a remarkable resemblance to the early days of Venture. LOL There’s also The Woodshed in Orlando.) But seriously, go to your local munches and coffee times, go to classes, get out and meet people. Yes, there are lots of hot Doms out there, but the funny thing is, a lot of times people don’t recognize them because they start out as friends first. That’s the way it should be. Abbey and John (Gilo) are the perfect example of that.


Knotty Girl:Thanks so much for answering my questions Tilly. It was absolutely awesome having you here today.

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