Beware Falling Rocks by Tymber Dalton



Whew! Book number 37, and still going strong! Frankly, I’d be quite content if this series never ended, and here’s why…The folks at Suncoast feel like my extended family in a way. From Mac, Sully, and Clarisse, to the Kleenex© riddled moments of Kaden, Leah and Seth. Tony meets his Shayla, and Kel gets dark and twisty with his goddess Mallory. And so on, and on. So many wonderful pairings in so many variations. Two Doms and a sub, two switches, a Dom and two subs, Master and Slave. However you mix it up, it’s all done as if catching slices of real life in real kinksters homes. Tymber writes from real life experience and it shows, and that’s why it ranks right up there as the best in BDSM fiction out there.

Paul Harmon had to make a choice two years ago that shattered Lynn Durann. He left her from their poly relationship to be with his wife, who no longer wanted him to have anything to do with Lynn. His wife suffered from mental illness and threatened to kill herself.

After two years of abject misery, Lynn’s life perks up some with “The Boom” (You’ll have to read to find that out) And after seeing Paul while going to leave on a trip, she decides to give him a chance. Paul jumps at it, knowing he wants her back, and for good. But, outside forces start to intrude on their tenuous reunion. Is love enough to keep them together? Buy a copy and find out!

As always, this was one of those books I had a hard time putting down. I do with all of her books, they are THAT amazing. And this one earns 5 super Feral Orgasms!


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For a list of all of the Suncoast books go to:

Suncoast Society



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