Two Against Nature(Suncoast 39)


She’s Baaaack! That’s Tymber Dalton and the Suncoast Society. This is book number 39, hard to believe, but here we are. I love every single one of these books, some a bit more than others. The Reluctant Dom, The Denim Dom, Hot Sauce, and His Canvas, as well as Vicious Carousel, are a few of my personal favorites. But now I think this one is going right on to that list for some very personal reasons.

To give a quick explanation, the main character, Holly, has Fibromyalgia and deals with awful daily chronic pain. It’s something I am on an intimate basis with due to having the diagnosis myself, along with severe chronic pain from multiple back surgeries. So this one really spoke to me quite a bit as I identified with Holly quite a lot.

Holly has to deal with her constant pain, and she works two jobs. She’s trying hard to get together money to get her brother out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The same crime that’s left her in so much pain. Things start to change for Holly when she talks to Walter one night at Venture.

Walter is a sadist, but he knows there’s more than one way to get his fix while still helping Holly relieve some of her symptoms. He just needs to prove that to her. And it’s a bonus that his ex is a hot-shot criminal defense lawyer as well.

This was just an awesome, awesome book! I always love the Suncoast books because of how real they are, and this was no different. But Kudos to Tymber for showing us that even people with chronic illness can get their kink on too!

5 Spoonie Orgasms!




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