The Fallen (Wild Mountain Shifters 3)


We’re back to one of my very favorite shifter series. Sara Anderson writes an intriguing world where shifters have their own community and share it along with other mystical beings. Of course, the males seem to always be very alpha, and very much, in charge, especially in the bedroom. All that’s missing is their own kink club. This book is about Lucas.

Lucas was the bad boy in the first couple of books, he’d lost his mate when humans were experimenting on her, which gave him an intense hatred of humans. He also mistakenly kills another human when he thinks she’s the one who killed his mate. Turns out she was a twin, and Cassie’s best friend. But we find out he was under another’s influence, so after being outcast, he’s now back and asked to be beta for the territory.

Human Jennifer works for PI Josh, who’s in to all sorts of nasty things. Before she quits, she makes sure she gets proof and plans on giving it to the proper authorities. Her and Lucas have been staring each other down since she got into town. After an explosive meeting, he allows her to leave town. But Jennifer could be walking into a trap, and it’s up to Lucas to save the woman who could be his salvation.

I give this book 5 Howling Orgasms


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