Happy Release Day!!!! Taken By The Biker Dom by Doris O’Connor is LIVE!!! ***Special Interview with Micah below!!!***


Falling in love had never been the plan…

Turning forty tends to make any woman evaluate her life. For Sandie Buckley, it was the catalyst to escape her mentally abusive husband and to explore her needs and desires. Her first step in that quest was returning to her work as a pediatric nurse. The second step: become a member at Club Spectrum. Third step: get the attention of Micah Flaherty. And that’s where her plan falls short.

Biker paramedic Micah is drawn to the curvy, wannabe subbie with attitude from the minute he shows her around the club. However, getting involved with the typical ex-corporate wife ready to take a walk on the wild side is out of the question…until Sandie’s past catches up with her.

Micah can’t help but step up to claim Sandie as his. No one harms his woman. It seems to be the only way to keep the infuriating woman safe, and besides—their off-the-charts chemistry needs further exploring


“So sue me.” Micah’s clipped tones shook Sandie out of her lust-fueled thoughts about what he must look like under that tee. “When is the doctor coming to check these? She ought to be discharged today, right?”

“As to that, I couldn’t say for sure. Not unless Ms. Buckley has someone to look after her at home.”

“Do you?” Micah turned so suddenly to address her. It meant Sandie’s world tilted anew. Not only because of the clear challenge in his voice but because he glared at her, as though he was angry. Why was he angry? That made no sense at all. He ought to be glad she was being discharged so that he could be free of her. Surely it was only a misguided sense of Domly duty toward her that had him stay this long in the first place?

Before she could get her befuddled brain to compute an answer, which wouldn’t give away her foolish emotions toward this man, her gaze snared on the slogan on the front of his tee. Emblazoned in bold white lettering was Being a paramedic saved me from becoming a porn star.

Naturally, her gaze immediately slid lower to the rather impressive bulge his worn jeans hugged so lovingly.

Sandie?” His question held a note of censure, and she wrenched her gaze back up to his face. His blue eyes crinkled in amusement as he winked at her. Heat rose in her cheeks when she realized he’d caught her staring, and no doubt her feelings were written all over her face.

Of course he’d noticed. That man never missed a thing at the club, so why would he be any different in his private life?

“What?” Somehow she got that one word out.

With a sigh, Micah perched his delectable butt on the edge of her bed and took her hand.

“Have you got anyone who is able to look after you when you’re discharged? You’ll need watching for a few days.”

“I…that is…”

Sandie gave up trying to make her voice to work, and simply shook her head.

Nurse Peters flicked through her notes and intervened.

“It lists a Matthew Dawson as your next of kin in your notes, Ms. Buckley, and—”

“No!” Her sharp and immediate retort ricocheted around her brain like an out-of-control ping pong ball. That had been far too vehement a response, and sure enough, Micah’s muscles coiled in her peripheral vision. He nudged her chin up with his hand and she wanted the ground to swallow her whole. Being under this close and intense scrutiny by him made her feel as though he could look right into her soul, which was a far too fanciful notion.

In an effort for damage control, she wrenched her gaze away from his and addressed her nurse.

“I mean, no, he shouldn’t even still be listed. Please, I don’t want him here.”

Nurse Peters frowned but inclined her head in silent agreement.

“Okay then, I’ll make sure that’s passed on, but he might have been called already. Come to think of it, I’m surprised he hasn’t shown here before now. Next of kin are informed the minute a patient is admitted, as you know, of course. Forgive me, I’m rambling now. It’s just odd, but if you don’t want him here, I’ll pass that on.”

Her nurse’s words made Sandie’s throat clog up with unshed tears. The mere thought of her ex in this room, seeing her this vulnerable, it was too much. She was vaguely aware of the monitors going crazy again before Micah firmed his hold on her chin.

“Hey, kitten, eyes on me.” He dropped his voice to the one he’d used in her nightmare, the one she couldn’t help but respond to, its gravelly cadence almost a growl which left her no choice but to look at him. He smiled when their gazes connected, and the hold on her chin turned into a caress. “That’s my girl. You’re safe here, okay? Whoever that is will not—”

“He’s my ex-husband.” Sandie bit her lip and her insides clenched in horror at her faux pas. You simply didn’t interrupt your Dom, and she was fast beginning to realize that he was very much in Dom mode here. Much to her relief, Micah let it go and simply nodded.

“I see.”

Sandie swallowed down the threatening tears and shook her head.

“No, you don’t see. He’s…well…”

Her throat went dry and the mere act of pulling breath in through her nose was proving difficult when Micah’s jaw tensed. He looked utterly furious right now.

“Did he hurt you?” he asked. His concern for her made her forget everything but the need to show this man the proper respect due.

“No, at least not in the way you think, Sir.” His eyes flashed when that title slipped out, and his hand slipped to her throat in a gentle hold of possession which made Sandie feel utterly safe with him. Nurse Peters cleared her throat and Sandie jumped. Talk about making a spectacle of yourself. Micah smirked, released his hold on her, and ran a hand through his dark hair. It made the slightly too-long strands stand up and give him that just-out-of-bed look.

“Right, well, that will complicate matters somewhat. If there’s no one to take care of you, then we’ll have to keep you in for observation for at least another day.”

“She does have someone.” Micah turned to address the nurse. “She has me. She can come home and stay with me.”

Sandie’s gasp in answer seemed too loud even over the sudden roaring in her eyes. She couldn’t have heard him right? Why on earth was he claiming responsibility for her? It couldn’t mean what every fiber in her aching body screamed at her. He hadn’t just claimed her…had he?


Adult Excerpt…

Sandie had proved beautifully responsive to everything he had done to and with her so far, and she particularly seemed to like his dirty talk.

With that in mind, he positioned himself at the end of the bed and dropped his voice to the low rumble she seemed utterly incapable of resisting.

“Such a beautiful sight, kitten. I can see every little clench of your greedy hole, begging me for my cock. You want me to stretch that hole, don’t you? Plunge my dick deep inside you and fuck you hard. My balls slapping your ass, and your tits bouncing in front of my face, until you come all over my junk and soak us both.”

An incomprehensible sound came from his Sandie, and the grip on her ankles grew white-knuckled as she struggled to stay still. Mouth open, eyes wild, she begged him with her gaze, as she squirmed as much as she could, and the sheets under her bum grew wet with her juices.

“Please, Sir. Anything, just do something, please.”

Micah dropped the ropes in his hand on the bottom of his bed, and nipple clamps held up, stepped closer to her.

Her gaze snared on the objects and her breathing grew shallow. Little whimpers escaped her lips as he trailed the cool metal of the clamps over her gorgeous tits.

“Oh, I am, kitten. I want you to imagine yourself with your nipples clamped by these.” He opened and shut the butterfly clamps, and Sandie groaned. A deep-throated sound that told him how close she was already. Her responsiveness was such a fucking turn-on.

“Can you feel them tightening around these buds? Making you acutely aware of them, as I tug and position them, pull on them to lift up your rack.” He followed his words with action, and Sandie screwed her eyes shut and bit her lip, as he attached first one and then the other clamp, tightened them until she groaned, and then gently pulled at the chain linking them together.

Her eyes flew open and her mouth opened in a silent scream, as her body shook in need. She let go of her ankles, and Micah took over and grasped them for her, keeping her open to his gaze. Another one of those moans came from her when he blew across her hugely engorged clit and licked across that bundle just once.

“God, please, I need to… Argh.”

Micah bit down hard on the inside of one ample thigh, and his girl jerked her hips upward. Her hands went in his hair, and her sweet musk filled his nostrils.

“No coming without my say-so, kitten, or you’ll be going in that belt.” He pulled back to see her reaction and grinned at her glare in answer, as she desperately tried to control her breathing.

“I can’t…please.”

“You can, or you’ll be wearing the belt to the club tonight. Breathe and hold it for your Sir. Take your hands off me, too. Back on your ankles with them”

Sandie thumped her head back on the bed repeatedly, but she did release the tight grip on his hair and made a grab for her ankles. Little whimpers came from her, and an all-over body flush spoke of her need, as she tried her utmost to comply.

Pride filled Micah at her struggles and made his chest tight with emotion.

“That’s my very good girl. I’m going to tie you in my ropes now. Remember your safe words if this gets too much, sweetheart.”

Sandie raised her head slightly to look at him, and the desperate need to please he read in her warm hazel eyes made him feel ten feet tall. There it was, the connection he craved, and he smiled at her to show his approval.

“What color are you now?” he asked, and Sandie screwed her little nose up and groused at him

“Green, dammit…ouch.”

She jumped when he used the end of his length of rope to swat her breasts. The action left a thin red line behind, but watching her as closely as he was, he could tell it only served to pitch her deeper into the fevered state of aroused anticipation he wanted her in.

“Consider that a warning, kitten. I don’t appreciate a foul mouth when we’re in a scene.”

Sandie looked all set to argue, but then he slid the rope through her exposed pussy lips, and she groaned in need instead. Micah kept up the slow, sensuous slide along her slit, loving the way the hemp darkened with her arousal and the way his girl panted in need.

“When you’re fully recovered, I’ll tie you in a rope dress, with my rope centered right here.” He slid one end under her ass, brought it around, and tightened it across her clit as he spoke. Sandie gasped and tried to wriggle, but she didn’t let go of the tight grip she had on her ankles, and Micah murmured his approval.

“Good girl. For now, though, we’ll just tie you in nice and tight so that that beautiful cunt is mine for the taking. I think my little subbie would like that, wouldn’t you?”

He glanced up at her as he slid the rope across her skin repeatedly. With every knot, his girl slipped deeper into the space he wanted her to be. Her breathing evened, her eyes glazed over, and she drifted away, as he kept up his soothing murmurs, tightened and checked his knots until at long last her wrists were tied to her ankles. The ropes made a beautiful pattern across her pale skin, the ample flesh held in and molded across them.

“You’re beautiful, kitten, and I’m going to fuck you now.”


Taken By The Biker Dom is the long, and very eagerly awaited 6th book in the Spectrum Auction Series by Doris O’Connor. (Ignore my happy squeeing in the background.) No matter what Doris writes, it’s an auto-buy for me. Shifters? Check. Mobsters? Check. Big, sexy, Irish Doms? Yes please! All of her books have dominant, uber-alpha males. (sometimes females.) that just ooze sex appeal and no matter their background, or even whether they are human, they end up loving and protecting their mates. Now who doesn’t just love that?

In Biker Dom, our heroine Sandie has escaped the clutches of her verbally and emotionally abusive husband. She’s decided to explore her kinky side by becoming a submissive at Club Spectrum and she has her sites on drool-worthy Master Micah. But Micah doesn’t seem to return her interest, he thinks she’s nothing but a typical rich ex-wife with a very bratty side.

To make matters worse, she causes a major disruption at the club when she mistakenly interprets a scene in progress for something else. Micah is furious, and ends up punishing her, but with detachment. Sandie decides to leave, embarrassed, and feeling like everyone, especially Micah, hates her.

An accident happens, and Micah realizes a few truths. He wants the frustrating little brat for himself, and someone is out to get the little subbie. So he does the only thing he can do. He takes her home. After all, he’s a paramedic and someone has to take care of her, and it’s his duty as a dom.

As this is an honest review. I have to say objectively that this is my favorite book in the series, and I do love all of them! Micah is just an amazing guy, he’s compassionate, kind, knows his way around human anatomy, (especially a female’s), he’s especially good with rope, and he likes to wear leather and has a motorcycle.

Sandie, despite being a bit bratty, is a kind, compassionate nurse, despite coming from money, she’d rather be broke and happy, and doesn’t have a problem pitching right in to help out. I genuinely LIKE these two as a couple. Plus, Master Logan (and others in the Spectrum clan) plays a part in this book, and I LOVE Master Logan!

Lastly, Doris O’Connor is just an incredibly talented writer, her books are warm, genuine, and accurately portray the lifestyle. Club Spectrum, (or what ever setting she chooses for a story), feels like a place you could actually go to and feel at home.

This Book gets 5 (I’d make it 10!)

OMG Master, MORE!! Orgasms!


As Promised: The Interview With Micah!

Hello there Knotty peeps! As you can see, I am back from the clutches of illness, mostly, the really awful side effects of the worst toxic-sludge marketed as IV antibiotics known to mankind. (Lucky me, it went through a line right near my ticker 22 hours a day/7 days a week.)


But…All done now! Today is a day for celebration! (Yes, I like to use a LOT of exclamation marks. They help me convey how excited I am since it’s time consuming to try to explain that in the written word all of the time.) What is today? Monday??? Yup. January 9th 2017??? You got it right. Most of all, today is the day you can head on over to Siren BookStrand and buy Taken By The Biker Dom by the talented, lovely, ALMOST as bratty as I am, Doris O’Connor.


So, I was lucky enough to receive an invite to go and have a chat with the dreamy Irish Dom himself, Micah Flaherty.





Drool bucket anyone? And no licking, his kitten has apparently covered that real estate to guard against such a thing.



So, after I pick my wee subbie jaw off the floor, and mop everything up, it’s off to London and the Travel Lodge. The following takes place at the Spectrum Club on a Friday afternoon….


Interview with the Biker Dom


It’s pretty early on a Friday afternoon. I’m standing outside the doors of Spectrum, where I’m going to be meeting Micah Flaherty…uhh Master Micah…Sir? Well hell, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to call him in this capacity. All I know is,that this may get a BIT awkward.


I’m freezing my fanny off out here, and I’m risking being late. Not something you want to do with Micah, or any Dom for that matter. So, I pull down my insanely short, black, Lycra skirt that clings to all my jiggly bits, tug my t-shirt down, (it says “Brats have more fun” on it) then open the heavy doors and walk in.


I make my way over to the aftercare area, with the nice comfy couch. No Micah yet, so maybe I’m not late. As I cross my legs, trying not to show off my goodies to anyone, I shuffle my cards around. Nerves I guess. Then, I hear that deep, delicious, gravelly sound as the man in question is clearing his throat.


I jump up and there he is, and he’s got the “look” on him. The completely neutral face that makes me wonder.”

“Hi Micah! (The eyebrow goes up. ) Ummm…Master Micah? Master? Sir? Just wondering what you wanted me to call you for this interview.”


And while I’m on that subject, what made you decide to become a Dom?” (Me thinks I may be in a bit of trouble, but hey, I AM A brat right?)


“You must be Sandie, my little kitten’s bratty inspiration.”


A sardonic smile curls his lips, and his gaze rests on my chest a fraction too long. Not long enough to be indecent, just enough to make me squirm.


“As we’re in the club you can call you me Sir, if you’re comfortable doing so, otherwise Micah is fine.”


Again with that slow appraisal of my entire body, and I try very hard not to squirm.


“Besides, whichever way you choose to address me, will tell me a lot about you.” He pauses and smirks. “Judging by your attire I’d say you have more than a passing interest in the lifestyle, maybe dabbled a little?”


His grin deepens as my mouth is doing its best goldfish impressions.


“No need to answer that, little brat. As for what made me decide to become a Dom…” He crosses his arms over his chest and quirks that damn eyebrow again.

“That question alone tells me you have a lot to learn. The need to be in charge is not something you choose to do one day, it’s who you are. I function best when I’m in control. It’s as simple as that. Being a Dom feeds off that, not that you can simply call yourself a Dom and be done with that. It takes years to perfect your specialty as it were, and careful negotiation with any submissive you may or may not choose to scene with. I take my responsibilities very seriously, and when a woman gifts me her submission I try my utmost to ensure she never has reason to regret that. My submissive’s pleasure is the biggest turn on for me.”



Oh yeah, there go my nips, so I’m trying to figure out how to cover them with just one arm, yeeeaah…nope, not gonna work. And…of course…he’s already noticed. Maybe he’s got a twin somewhere, or a close match. How did I ever think this was a good idea.


“Well, Sir, to answer your question, I guess dabble…a lot? I’d much rather be swimming somewhere in the middle of the pool. (Aaannd, there goes my face. Tomato anyone?)


I do remember that Doms, good ones, are born, not made, if I’m saying that right. (Again with that look, why do I feel like an errant school girl…now that…never mind. )


“So, Sir. What exactly is your function here at Spectrum, and has it changed since you met your Sandie ummm kitten? Respectfully asking of course.”



He takes his time to answer me, and I swear if my cheeks got any hotter, you could fry an egg on them, especially when he takes a step toward me and smiles.


“Relax, little brat. You look as though I’m about to devour you. I don’t bite, well…” he smirks. “That’s not strictly speaking true. I do like to bite and leave my mark when in a scene, but as you’re not my submissive and are never going to be, you’re quite safe.”


I can’t help my small sigh of disappointment and, of course, he picks up on that.


“My kitten doesn’t share her ‘toys’…” The way he drops his voice… Oh my, I need a bucket for my drool, and I really must stop staring at the bulge in his groin.  “I certainly don’t share her, so, I’m very much off the market.”


He leans in to nudge my chin up so that I have no choice but to look at him, and I can see the amusement swirling in the crystalline depths of his gaze.


“Eyes up here, little brat.” He laughs when I blush even more. “I suppose, we could find you some other dominant to show you around, if you’d like to swim with the sharks. Plenty of them who wouldn’t mind takin a bite out of you, with your permission, of course.”


At my gasp of a response, he releases his hold on my chin and steps back chuckling to himself.

“As to my position here, that hasn’t really changed. I’m one of the DMs on staff, and one of the riggers who give demos. Naturally I only use my kitten for demos nowadays.”


I’m thinking somehow, this “Little Brat” nickname is going to stick. Scary part is, it’s not the first time I’ve been called that. Not even close. But seriously? This isn’t going the way I thought it would. I figured, get in, ask a few questions all professional like, get out. Not turn into a blushing, drooling, obviously submissive, mess ready to go shark diving. No cage though, too claustrophobic.


Every time he drops his voice I have The oddest urge to kneel. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I look up and see those eyes of his looking really amused again. Did I say that out loud? Am I blushing? Again? Still?


“Weeel Sir…(my voice comes out high and squeaky, so I clear my throat) As I was saying before that frog got lodged in my throat. Sir. I’m rather fond of sharks, and swimming. Also, I’ve never actually experienced Shibari or Kinbaku especially not suspension. Are you the only Dominant in the club who does this? I also imagine that it must take some time to learn and master.”


I swear my face just turned 50 shades of purple spitting all of that out, Damn, it’s getting toasty. I pick up my cards and fan my face. Yup, he’s really getting a kick out of this. Sadist much?


“I was also wondering if you uuhhhhh, had any other interests. “


Micah gives a short laugh and winks at me.


“I’m a man of many varied interests, most of them far more vanilla than you’re no doubt imagining right now, little brat.”


His amusement grows at my obvious discomfort, but then he sobers.


“I’m really just like any other guy, outside of the club, believe me.”


He clearly caught my disbelief at that incongruous statement, because he smiles a truly enigmatic smile, and shrugs.


“Okay, maybe not, but I dare say only someone in the lifestyle would pick up on that. Most folks only know me as Micah the biker paramedic. I’m good at my job, in fact, I love it. Being able to make a difference like that, makes the job truly worthwhile and, of course, I get to combine with my other passion in life—motorbikes. I keep trying to convince my kitten to take up biking, but she’s having none of it.”


I can’t say I blame her, besides, why would you want to ride a bike yourself, when you get to cuddle up behind this hunk all close and personal like. Oh dear, I start fanning myself again at the mere thought.


“She prefers to ride pillion, which has its own perks for me, of course.”


Micah smirks and I give up all pretense at not imagining myself on the back of a motorbike with him.


“Will you stop torturing unsuspecting subbies, mate.”


Master Jacob, Micah’s friend has come up behind me without me even noticing, and I jump.


“Easy there, little one.”


Jacob laughs and his steel gray eyes pull together in concern at my reaction.


“What is it with the Sandies of this world looking terrified when I walk in?”


He winks at me, and I think it wisest to just keep my mouth shut, while Micah simply shakes his head.


“Well, if I answered that, it would be too much of a spoiler for the readers, now, wouldn’t it, Jacob.”


The other man laughs and nods.


“True, Jonas asked me to remind you that you’re covering his demo tonight. Rissa isn’t feeling well.” Jacob turns to me and smiles. “Apologies for interrupting. Jonas is another rigger here, almost as good as Micah. To answer your earlier question, there’s a number of them in the club. Personally, I prefer the mind fuck to using ropes, especially when it takes years to learn Shibari.”,


With that he gives a mock bow and leaves, as abruptly as he appeared, leaving me stare after him. What the hell was that about?

Micah clears his throat, and when I swing back round, he checks his watch and smiles.


“Do you have any other questions for me, Ms. Buckley?”


The unexpected shift to formality throws me off guard even more.


I’m still trying to will my racing heart to calm down before Micah gets a chance to show off those paramedic skills for real. Although…Bad Sandie. My mind is on a bunch of places all at once. Jacob showing up didn’t help at all, telling me that Jonas is almost as good as Micah has me just a bit jealous of my soul twin. And, why if I’m in what amounts to a kinky playground, am I here with two Doms that are already spoken for? It’s kind of like being booted out of the sandbox while the other kids get to play. I can feel my lip sticking out in a pout, and Micah is clearing his throat.


“Ah, sorry…Sir.Thanks for taking the time out of your day for answering a few questions for me, I’ll just ask a final question and let you get to rigging up your kitten.”


My attempt at letting out some air sounds an awful like a mewly little whine. Christ, when did I lose all control of this thing? Right, a little dignity is in order as I figure my lovely boots with the pretty flowers suddenly look interesting to me. That’s right, don’t look at him.


“My final question is kind of silly really, but fans always like to know this kind of stuff. You can just give me the Cliff notes version as I know you have to run, and I have to go…brush off the sand. First part of the question is, do you read, and if so, what kind of books do you read?


I cross my legs because…just because, let’s just say my damn panties are useless right now, making me wish I’d worn thermal underwear. Maybe a suit of armor.


Another whiny breath.


“Last part, music. Do you listen? And what’s your favorite type?”


There. I did it.


Micah smiles whether in sympathy at my predicament or amusement I’m not quite sure.

“Sure I read. All sorts really.  One entire wall of my living room is taken up by bookshelves. It depends on my mood as to what you find in there.  Crime thrillers are a favorite of mine, but I’m also a big Harry Potter fan. I must have re-read those books at least twenty times. And War and Peace. Love that one. As for music, I don’t tend to listen to a lot of it. Guns and Roses are good for rocking out to in an intense work out. Adele, when I’m in a melancholy mood. Edith Piaf too. A bit like my reading, I like variety when I do listen to music.”


He holds out his hand for me to shake and when I take it pulls me up to standing. Damn he’s tall. I have to crane my neck to look up at him.


“Well, it was nice meeting you. Perhaps you’ll come again for a proper look around and to find those sharks. If you need a sponsor, let me know. I’m sure I can find someone to take you under his wing, or should that be fin.”


As I’m looking up into those hypnotic blue eyes of his, hmm, kinda like the tropical ocean, I’m almost ready to whimper out, “Don’t let go.” You know, kind of like Rose said to Jack in Titanic while they were in the…yup, ocean. Sheesh, the water references here are piling up.


So, I muster up the last shred of dignity I have left.


“Thank-You Sir, I just may take you up on that offer. I’m feeling a bit …” I smirk up at him. “Beachy after that conversation. Please thank Sandie for me, and stay safe. And I think Harry Potter rocks too.”


I pump his hand up and down, maybe a bit too much, then I basically power walk out the door. Not without tripping over my own two feet first. I catch myself and wave my arm in the air. “I’m Fine!” Then, I fly out of the door.


Once I’m outside, I bang my head against the door, repeatedly saying, “Sharks, sharks, sharks…” And right as my taxi pulls into sight, Master Jacob opens the door.


“Are you okay little one? We heard some banging going on out here.” There was a smirk on his face.


As I looked up at him, I saw the camera. Dignity gone. I ran for the taxi.


“Just fine, thanks Sir!” The taxi driver looked back at me.


“Where to miss.?”


I groaned. “Anywhere but the ocean.”

*Special thanks to Doris for the collaberation. It was a blast!!*

Buy your Copy NOW at…



Published by knotty girl Sandie

Just a subbie, and an author who loves books, beauty, and playing with makeup. I've been reading since I could hold a book and I have a voracious appetite for the printed word. I also consider Sephora and Ulta to be the equivalent of Disney World. (though I love Disney too!) I love reading, trying out new makeup and skin care, and I love subscription boxes!

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