Blackmailed by BJ Wane



Blackmailed by the awesomely talented BJ Wane, is the fourth book in the Virginia Bluebloods series. This time, we visit funpark owner, Wes Montgomery. If you weren’t aware, or may have forgotten, Wes had a huge falling out with his last girlfriend/submissive. He’s been mum on the subject with both family and friends.
Charlotte is a rich woman who’s being sold into marriage by her cousin, all over a merger. He hangs her charity over her head. She decides to go to a bar, looking to forget her troubles. Wes is there, but he doesn’t pay attention to her, and she doesn’t hit on him. She ends up in another bar she should’nt. Despite himself, Wes sees her go in and decides to check on her, she’s having a “Situation.”
They end up together, but Wes ends up coldly walking away from her. As fate would have it, he runs into her again, but he gets the wrong idea and decides to blackmail her into a relationship with him. A limited time, D/s relationship. Charlie once again ends up in the wrong place/wrong time. A huge misunderstanding just as she’s settling in could cost her everything.
I swear, this series, and BJ’s writing, just keeps getting better and better! I really wish it could go on for a long, long time. A sequel perhaps? A spin-off? That club must have a bunch of available Doms to write about? (I’ll take 2 thanks!)
I realize, I’m totally fan-girling here, but other than the fact I wanted to smack Wes upside the head with a 4×4, I just totally loved this book! It may be time for a new category on my Kindle. “Books I intend to read over, and over ad-infinitum.”
This book gets 5 Screaming Orgasms



Charlotte Heffington can no more ignore Wes Montgomery’s coercion into a short affair than she could forget the erotic experiences he gave her their one night together.  After several exciting, pleasure-filled trysts, she starts questioning whether she would be able to walk away unscathed and accept the future her cousin has mapped out for her or be left to crave the pleasures only Wes could give her.  When Wes turns on her, she’s finally had enough of others manipulating her life and vows to take control of her future.

Wes swore off relationships after a betrayal left him bitter towards women, but he reluctantly finds himself drawn to a woman who looked completely out of her comfort zone when she walked into a downtown bar one Friday night.  After caving to her inexperienced come-on and his uncharacteristic response, he spends an unforgettable night with her.  A week later, a chance meeting reveals her true identity and he feels taken in all over again.  In a rash move, he blackmails her into an affair that turns the tables on him when he finds himself feeling things for her he’s never felt for another woman.  Hearing she’s engaged shatters his belief in happily ever after again and his angry tirade when he confronts her separates them on a bitter note.

After learning the truth, Wes tries to make amends, but when that fails, he resorts to drastic, pleasurable means to convince her to give him another chance, but will it be enough?

Check out these other titles in the Virginia Blueblood series:  Blindsided, book one, Bind Me To You, book two and Surrender To Me, book three.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including BSDM. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


EXCERPT 1:  This scene takes place in the indoor pool at Wes’s sports complex and he’s giving Charlie her first swimming lesson-naked, of course!

Charlotte inhaled just in time to avoid a mouth full of water then clung to his slick body as they went down.  Fear of the unknown sent panic rushing to the surface, and she wrapped her arms and legs around his wide, muscled strength in a stranglehold of desperation.  Then he shifted the arm he held around her back down to her buttocks, his hand delving between her spread legs, and her panic soon took second place to pleasure.  With a hard kick, he sent their bodies up through the water, his fingers teasing her slit, then her clit all the way.  Wrapped around over six feet of solid muscle with his chest hair tickling her nipples and his fingers teasing her clit, terror gave way to thrilling excitement.

Infused with sensation as they breached the top, she gasped for some much needed air, keeping her body plastered to his, her face buried in his thick neck as he teased and tormented her to the edge of orgasm over and over.  “Wes, God, please.”

“I think you like swimming,” he whispered in her ear as he took them back to the shallow end until he could stand.

“What are you doing?” she gasped when he pulled her arms from around his neck and nudged her shoulders back.

“Relax.  I told you you’re safe with me.  Keep your legs locked around me and lie back, arms outspread.  I’m going to show you how easy, and how much fun, floating can be.”

Prepared to go under, she was surprised to discover he was right.  Even though her thighs ached from maintaining her tight hold around his waist, the rest of her body bobbed on top of the water.  The constant undulation sent soft caress’s of warm water over her waist and breasts, keeping her arousal teetering on the edge of frustrated unfulfillment.  Or maybe it was Wes’s dark gaze moving over her supine body along with his hands that had her so desperate for relief.  When he covered her breasts with his palms then pinched her nipples by scissoring open then closed his first two fingers, the sharp pinch tore another plea from her.  “Wes, please.

Hearing his name in that breathy whimper of need had Wes’s cock jerking, his desire to torment her further now a two-edged sword.  Sucking it up, he slid his hands under her ass and kneaded her soft buttocks, saying, “Tell me what you want, Charlie.”

He watched her expressive face as indecision fought with need, her struggle to set aside her embarrassment to get what she wanted.  He helped her out by parting her buttocks then teasing her anus with the stroke of one finger over the puckered orifice.  The shock and pleasure flaring in her eyes came with a soft, startled cry.  He felt more than saw the small shudder his touch set off and wondered if anal play was new to her.  “Tell me,” he demanded again.

Charlotte could think of only one thing to say.  “More.”

EXCERPT 2: This scene takes place in a hotel elevator on their way to her room for a one-night stand.

“Did I mention I insist on being in charge?  Like this.”  He took her mouth again, his assault deep and hard, her response quick and eager.  Slipping his hand under her skirt, he caressed up her smooth thigh until he reached a surprisingly full, soft buttock.  With his mouth glued to hers, he kept her busy with his tongue as he delved inside her panties and lowered them to just below her ass.  Then got her attention with a hard swat on one buttock.

Surprise more than the sudden sting from his slap had Charlotte jerking her head back, the warmth spreading over her cheek matching that covering her face.  “What was that for?” she asked, praying her voice didn’t reveal the shocking pleasure spreading from her tingling butt down to her sheath.

“A little example of what I’ll do if you don’t give me the control I’ll insist on when we get to your room.  Think hard and fast-what the hell is your name?”

She couldn’t help it.  She giggled like a teenager on her first date instead of a grown woman about to have raunchy sex with a complete stranger.  “Charlie,” she told him, liking the sound of her abbreviated name, and liking him, gruff exterior and all.

Pressing the Start button on the elevator panel, he responded with a wry grin tugging the corners of his mouth.  “I’m Wes, and,” he squeezed the buttock he slapped, “if you don’t want those doors to open on your exposed, red ass, I suggest you answer me.  Fast.”

Charlotte could think of only one way to respond to the rough urgency she heard in his voice, the same rough urgency spreading through her, brought on by that stimulating smack and threatening to send her spinning out of control soon.  “Yes, I’m sure.”

EXCERPT 3: In this scene, Wes is about to test his feelings for Charlie as he allows others to pleasure her.

He took Charlotte’s breath, and her panic away with his soul stealing mouth.  Within seconds those talented lips had her moaning with the slow rise of renewed lust.  As he pressed his hard body against her, enveloping her in his strength, she barely registered the hands pulling her feet apart, hardly felt the soft cuffs wrapping around her ankles.  It wasn’t until she tried to tighten her spread legs and couldn’t she realized the other two men had bound them between a rod.

She whimpered into his mouth, pressed her naked body even closer to him until the rough denim of his jeans abraded her thighs and bare pubis and his belt buckle bit into her stomach.  His tight clasp of her face kept her secure, helped the panic to recede as he ravaged her mouth over and over, his lips molding hers, his tongue stroking her tongue and everywhere else he could reach.

And then warm breath tickled her ear, teeth nibbled down her arched neck as Wes tilted her head and the other two men shifted closer.  Close enough to touch.  Hands, so many hands, as if an octopus had her in its tentacles, molded, shaped and squeezed the pliant flesh of her breasts and buttocks and everywhere in between.  Pure, uncensored sensation took over, so when Wes released her mouth and asked in that guttural tone she loved so much, “Yes or no, Charlie?” there was only one answer she could give him.  “Yes!” because it would be sheer lunacy to turn down what they were offering her, what they were doing to her, what they were promising her.

“Would you rather be blindfolded?” Wes asked her, her response to Dale and Eli’s hands on her going straight to his already engorged cock.

“No, I-I can close my eyes, if I need to.”

“That’s my girl,” he murmured.  “We’ll take good care of you, baby.”

EXCERPT 4:  In this scene, Wes has just learned Charlie’s true identity and anger at her perceived duplicity had him issuing a blackmail threat he never thought she’d accept.

Stunned at the second blackmail threat in two weeks, Charlotte could only gape at him for a split second.  “You don’t even like me,” she whispered, trying to find a way out of this despite the way her pulse leapt at the thought of being with him again, of feeling the stretch and burn of his pounding strokes, of experiencing more of those awesome orgasms.

“If you please me, I’ll like you a whole lot more.”

“What-what would you expect of me, I mean…”

“I’ve always found it better to show rather than tell.  Come with me.”

When he stepped back, she exhaled a sigh of relief until he snatched her hand and pulled her into the barn.  Tripping behind him, she followed him into a small tack room, casting a quick, nervous glance back when he shut and locked the door.  “Why’d you bring me in here?”  The odors of leather and horse caused her nose to twitch, but didn’t detract from her pulse pounding awareness of their seclusion from the few people she saw mingling in the stables.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Wes thought as he spun her around and placed her palms against the wood wall.  Now he’d thought about his impromptu threat, he decided he liked the idea of having her under his control again.  Actions have consequences as she’s about to learn.

Pressing against her back, he ran his hands down her braced arms then her sides before inching around her waist to undo her slacks.  “I’ll show you what I expect from you when I call, and what’ll happen if you don’t do as I say.”

He had her pants dropping to her knees with a tug, her plain white panties following with a yank.  Her full body shudder that accompanied her surprised gasp had him smiling at her for the first time that day.  “I’ll tell you where and when to meet me,” he whispered in her ear right before sinking his teeth onto the small, soft lobe.  “And,” he continued as he slipped one finger past her damp seam into the even wetter recess of her pussy, “I’ll expect you to do whatever I command.  But don’t worry, baby, I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.”  He stroked her clit, satisfied when she jumped and shook with that small contact.  “And if you don’t obey me,” he took a step back, left his finger inside her and swatted her right cheek, “I’ll have all kinds of ways to punish you.”  He slapped her again, leaving a bright red imprint on both white buttocks.  “But if you’re good,” he stroked her clit again just as he smacked her ass, “I’ll give you both pleasure and pain.  You remember how the two set you off before?”

“Yes,” Charlotte groaned, that memory burned into her brain just like his hard hand burned across her buttocks as he slapped her over and over, his finger rasping her clit until she writhed between the two overwhelming sensations.

“Good girl, Charlie.  If you want me to keep my silence, you’ll continue to be honest with me during our liaison.”  Small contractions gripped his finger, heralding her climax.  Before she could topple over that precipice, he pulled out of her, gave her two more resounding swats then jerked her clothes back up.






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