Her Vigilant Seal by Caitlyn O’Leary


Hanging on by a Thread
Sophia Anderson takes care of everyone but herself. She will stop at nothing to keep her family safe. When she goes searching for her runaway little brother in a bad part of town, she becomes the one in need of rescue.

A White Knight
Navy SEAL, Mason Gault, faced many dangers while in the line of duty. No matter how bad a mission has gone, he finds solace in three things: His family, friends and the waves of the Pacific. When he hears a woman’s screams for help, he charges in to save her without a second thought.

A Dangerous Love
Sophia is burdened with scars from her past. Mason understands that empowering her spirit is just as important as protecting her well-being. As their love and passion soars, so do threats against her. Can Mason continue to be the compassionate white knight that she needs, while ensuring her safety?


What can I say about this book but WOW! I absolutely loved it! I have a thing for female characters that are down on their luck, in trouble, and end up in a situation where they need rescuing, (sometimes because they are hurt) by a hunky, alpha, dominant, hunk. (I said that huh?) Military is always a plus. We have that all in spades here, and Caitlyn O’Leary has made a lifelong fan out of me.

Mason is home after a mission gone bad. Sofia has been watching him surf on the beach, she has a sick mom, and a brother to worry about. Later, she ends up having to look for her brother when he goes missing, but her venturing in the worst part of town gets her into her own trouble.

When the tables are turned on her during her attempt to rescue someone, Mason saves her life. He ends up going to the hospital with her and taking her home the next day and getting to know her, but she thinks he’s to good for her.

Her attackers get out on bail, and they have her name. Can Mason protect her and prove she’s good enough?

Just LOVED it! Mason is one hot SEAL, and the rest of the guys on his team are going to be just as great to read about. This is one series I’m adding to my “MUST READ” pile.

This book gets 5 Star Salute Orgasms


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