Flash Fiction Friday 2/10/17 〰 Muse 〰


My Muse.

Come now little one. I’ve waited long enough. You’ve had plenty of time to ponder on just what I’ll do to that delicious, sexy body of yours.

Will I tie you down and bring you to that edge over and over until you explode? Or will I order you to your knees to service my cock as I fist your hair and pull.

It doesn’t matter if you call me Raven or Doris or Angel. You’ll always know that it is you that I am driving my cock into as words flow to paper.

Write little one. Now.


Flash Fiction Friday is telling a snippet using a photo and 100 words, no more, no less.

Check out the extremely talented authors who are also participating this week…

Ray Sostre: http://theafterdarkworld.blogspot.com/…
J S Morbius: http://thecryptofmorbius.blogspot.co.uk/…
Doris O’Connor: http://www.dorisoconnor.com/my-blog
Aurora Rose Andromeda: http://rollingmuseintheroses.blogspot.com/…


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