Black Light Valentine Roulette Anthology


BLACK LIGHT: Valentine Roulette is LIVE!valentine-roulette-front-cover



Get ready to explore some of your naughtiest desires while you celebrate Valentine’s Day with eight kinky stories from eight USA Today and international bestselling authors! Black Light is the most exclusive BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and for one night they’re changing the rules of play to entertain their members with a game of chance – Valentine Roulette. Challenge and adventure awaits as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose how they will play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some of our daring participants… even a chance at love.

Three hours. Four hard limits. Eight sexy stories.

Are you brave enough to spin the wheel?

Included in the box set:

Tamed – Livia Grant (USA Today)
Wet – Jennifer Bene (Bestselling)
Unraveled – Addison Cain (Bestselling)
Stripped – Sophie Kisker (Bestselling)
Unmasked – Lee Savino (USA Today)
Broken – Renee Rose (USA Today)
Unbroken – Maren Smith USA Today)
Bared – Measha Stone (Bestselling)


If you look close you’ll see a familiar Symbol…

First off, I need to warn you all, Black Light, Valentine Roulette is not your average light and fluffy BDSM. There are some extreme fetishes being played out here like watersports, medical play, humiliation, and breath play. And that’s just to name a few, so if you have triggers, this may not be for you.

That being said, I’ll admit that quite a few scenes made me positively squeamish, but I absolutely loved every single story in this book. I actually went out and bought a bunch of new books from these authors, then realized I had some books in my TBR pile as well. These ladies did such an amazing job by seamlessly putting all of their stories together by making them all seem as if they were separate scenes, but interconnected the same night, in the same place, with some of the same key people. And it takes talent to do that.

The quick rundown? Black Light, a very exclusive and private BDSM club located under a dance club called Runway, is having a special theme night. The owners, a triad with Dom Jaxson, switch and emcee for the night, Chase, and their submissive Emma, are having 15 doms and 15 submissives. The dom spins to see who he gets for 3 hours. The sub he gets spins for their activity, she’s allowed to have 4 hard limits, so if whatever comes up on the roulette wheel is not on her limit list, her and her dom have to do what ever comes up, say watersports, for at least 30 minutes, or safeword. If she safewords, it ends the evening. Otherwise, they do their activity, then spin again until the 3 hours are up. If they last the night? It’s a months free membership. Let the games begin.

Broken-Renee Rose- Major Jennifer Dibbs has been seeing Master D for 2 months strictly for the pain and release. But when she rolls Age Play, she finds out a few things about herself. And Master D just may get that date he wants.

Revealed by Livia Grant- One of my favorites! Khloe Monroe is an actress who just wants to be seen as herself. Ryder Helms is an agent on light duty and not happy about it, so his bestie, Dungeon Master Spencer talks him into signing up for the Valentine Roulette.  Things start off with Khloe and Ryder with a wild chase. Ryder ends up pushing her to her limits and beyond, but even after Jax and Chase get involved, they continue. While things got hot and heavy between them, the reader gets taken right to the edge. I want more!!!

Wet by Jennifer Bene- This is another one that was great, though I will admit at first I just could not understand why Sienna allowed doms to use her as a foot stool and then kick her over. She’s treated terribly. Luckily, she gets Alexander, who uses the dunking tank for breath play to get her to open up. Very emotional read!

Unmasked by Lee Savino- Loved it! Chessie is a women’s rights advocate, and she goes to an event where she’s treated rather poorly. But Senator Peyton Kane comes to her defense. Later, she attends the Black Light event in a mask and gets Kane. They play together, but at the end, a misunderstanding sends her running off. Does new love triumph?

Unraveled by Addison Cain- This one was remarkable! Just awesome! Spencer gets a recommendation for a head bartender from Maxine, which already makes him dislike her. Klara Erikkson does her best to improve the bar, but Spencer goes out of his way to make her miserable. After he fires her, she comes back to participate in the event. He’s angry that she’s there and watches her with her dom, but things get out of hand fast, and Spencer realizes that he has feelings for her.

Unbroken by Maren Smith-This one was so good it actually had me in tears. Maren is just an incredible writer. Abby is a cab driver, she gets an invite to the Valentine event. She runs into the one dom that doesn’t like her, Newton. They end up getting paired up and Newton finally finds out that 2 years ago he insulted her without meaning to. They finally call a truce, but reading all she’s gone through and what he does to help her did give me a few sniffles.

Bared by Measha Stone- This one is all about humiliation, Riley gets someone she never expected. Dane. He ends up surprising her and making her beg.

Stripped by Sophie Kisker- Sari is a new sub who’s already been hurt by an inattentive dom. Adam is a dom out of practice thanks to fatherhood. Sari has a rich imagination, and imagines Adam in the role of her captor quite a bit. He eventually catches on to this, and they do a role play with some similarities to the Princess Bride, only way kinkier. But Sari neglects to tell Adam something and after being badly deceived by his first sub, he’s very angry. Can they salvage it? I loved this and thought the role play was fantastic!

All in all I absolutely LOVED this book! I recommend this for BDSM fans everywhere and give it 5 Kinky Stars



“Black Light: Valentine Roulette contains 8 fabulous different emotional romantic stories and all feature very erotic and scintillating BDSM experiences. ~ Char SowersLightning City Book Reviews


“Broken by Renee Rose – This was a great story! ~ Shelli Goodreads Review

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