Her Russian Knight by Red Phoenix (With a Very Special Interview!)


Take a peek into the sensual world of BDSM…

Her Russian Knight by Red Phoenix is available now!

Official Her Russian Knight cover

Rytsar Durov is a sadist—and he’s upset. He just sent Tono Nosaka packing

 and is about to confront Master Brad Anderson. Bones may be broken.

The Russian Dom is a force unto himself, and he intends to take care of the threat once and for all.

No one touches radost moya. NO ONE!

Nothing fazes this sexy Russian Dom, but how will he cope when he finds out the tragedy

 that’s befallen his comrade—the only man he calls Brother?


Rytsar grasped her head with both hands and lowered it so he could kiss her firmly on the top of the head. “What you do not realize, Tatianna, is that I will make sweet, sensual love to this mind. Every thought will become mine, not because I demand it, but because you will be hopelessly devoted to me.”

Her eyes shone with the enthusiasm of young love, and she tentatively took his hand and placed it on her right breast. “Make love to me, Anton.”

Rytsar had to check himself. What she was asking was exactly what his entire body ached for, but he could not succumb to the temptation.

Tatianna deserved to be swept off her feet, and that was exactly what he planned to do. After a day of being treated like a princess for her birthday, then—and only then—would he claim her virginity.

Rytsar took the Durov family ring off his pinky and slipped it onto her delicate finger. “The day I ask for this ring back is the day I will make love to you, Tatianna. It is my solemn vow.”

Tatianna stared at it, knowing it’s worth and significance to Rytsar. His grandfather had gifted him the ancestral ring, passing over his father and older brothers to do it. Although it had created animosity with his kin, Rytsar treasured this symbol of his grandfather’s belief in him. He was not a product of his current lineage—his reputation and destiny was his alone to forge.


Her Russian Knight by Red Pheonix is the continuing saga in the journey of submissive Brie Bennett, now Brie Davis since she’s married her hunky dom Sir Thane Davis.

This book is about Rytsar Durov, one of Sir Davis’s best friends that he attended college with. As we learned a while back, Rytsar is a sadist, and he proves it at the beginning of the book in a scene with Lea. I was hoping for a connection with the two of them, as I’m not a fan of Lea’s current interest. But as we soon find out Rytsar is in love with someone else.

When Rytsar finds out about a tragedy that has befallen the Davis’s, two weeks after the fact, he goes on a rampage, wanting to beat on Tono Nosaka. So he goes to Brie and takes her into his care. He also helps deal with her stalker situation.

I have to admit, I was a bit shocked at the way Rytsar treated Lily, even doing what she did. Rytsar is obviously head over heels with Brie, which while it’s sweet, I really wanted to see him with his own woman, not sharing on occasion with Thane. But we shall see how everything shakes out.

5 Radost Moya Stars



Meanwhile…Bries cat Shadow has been busy. He had a brief love affair with Master Brad Anderson’s cat Cayenne. A very successful one at that as they are expecting. Master Anderson is not happy. What follows it the first interview with the love birds…Enjoy

*Cayenne and Shadow Interview written by Red Phoenix*

The Feline Lovers everyone is talking about…

We have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Cayenne and Shadow. Sadly, these two love birds have been kept apart since Cayenne found out that she is going to have kittens.

(Our reporter traveled to speak with them both at a secret location.)

National Felinequirer:

How long have you two been apart?

Cayenne: [sighs forlornly]

Ever since my poor Master broke his leg.


It was certainly unfortunate for all of us. Just as Cayenne and I made the commitment to become intimate, her Master threw her in a cat carrier and whisked her away.

Cayenne has no say in her life or her kittens, and is completely at the mercy of her owner.

Cayenne: [Rubs her cheek against his]

It was a terrible day for me. I was worried about my Master and then to be torn away from my lover. It was almost more than I could bear. I miss you so much, Shadow…

National Felinequirer:

Cayenne, despite the trials you’ve faced, you seem to be positively glowing with motherhood. I’ve heard you can’t wait to be a mother to a bunch of kittens, but I have to ask…what kind of father do you think Shadow will be?

Cayenne: [Gazes at Shadow lovingly]

I hope he’s a lot like my father was. Although my dad wasn’t a paws on kind of cat, he was always there and we knew he loved us.

Shadow: [coughs up a hairball before speaking]

Well, the fact that your Master literally hates me might impede my ability to see the kittens on a regular basis, my queen.

Cayenne: [Bats her eyes at him]

You just need to get in his good graces, Fluffkins. Do whatever it takes to win him over to your side.

Shadow: [growls under his breath]

Your Master is an unreasonable man and only sees a Tomcat who violated his sweet girl when he looks at me. There’s no way to win that man over.


But he’s the most wonderful human ever! My Master is simply concerned about me and the kittens.

Shadow: [shakes head]

My dear sweet Cayenne, your Master hates babies—of any species. I worry about our kittens.

National Felinequirer:

Some of our readers may not be aware that there has been a huge public outcry in support of you two.


Yes, both Shadow and I are deeply touched by the love and support shown us. It means so much during these uncertain times.


Truly, it is my hope that humans everywhere will consider the feelings of their cats, and not break up families needlessly.

National Felinequirer: [wipes a tear]

We can only hope, Shadow. You are an example to us all and I must say that it has been an honor to speak with both of you today. We’ll be anxiously awaiting the births of your precious little ones.


Oh, that reminds me! If you log onto my live feed, www.cayennethecat.com you can witness the births when they happen. I hope everyone will join us for the happy event.

National Felinequirer:

We wouldn’t miss it for the world, you two. All of us here at National Felinequirer want to wish you our very best and we hope you’ll let us join you again after the kittens are born.

Shadow: [Licks Cayenne on the back of the neck sensually]

It’s been a pleasure. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need a private moment. I’m sure you understand…


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About Red Phoenix:

Red Phoenix, USA Today Bestselling author, has received numerous awards for her original romances. When she’s not writing, you can find her online interacting with fans.  Visit her website: RedPhoenix69.com

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Connect with Red:

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