Tantalizing Tuesday: Saved by Her Wolf


Marie lay panting on the forest floor. She wasn’t sure if the shock from her injuries was making her delusional, but she swore that the naked man in front of her had been a large wolf not a moment ago.

She had finally escaped from her abusive husband after the worst beating of her life, and she was sure that her ribs were broken. But she only escaped because of the wolf, or man in front of her had broken down the door and attacked Ronnie, leaving her the chance to escape.

He was a magnificent specimen of man. Long black hair, grey eyes, and muscles everywhere. She even managed to blush when she saw how well-built he was even “there”.

He was handed a fur blanket by his beta. Ramon was the alpha of the pack. He had watched as the spineless worm beat on his mate, then decided he would rescue her from that hell. She was his, and the only time a male should strike a woman was when he was spanking during sexual play.

He covered his Marie with the blanket and gently picked her up. His beta was a healer. She placed her head on his chest.


This weeks flash utilizes a photo and tells a story in 200 words. I hope you enjoy!

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