Her Hero by Jane Henry and Maisy Archer



Donnie Nolan learned early that the secret to life is control. Born into a world of blood and violence, he broke free from the chains of his past with the help of Master Blake and his crew at The Club, and vowed that nothing would drag him back… until a knock at the door reminds him that there are some chains that can never be broken.

All Grace Diaz had ever dreamed about was freedom – freedom to control her destiny, to explore her passions, and to love the boy who’d always been her hero. But those dreams died the day Donnie Nolan left the neighborhood. Now, thanks to her older brother’s debts, Grace has become a pawn in a criminal chess game. Kidnapped and held by a man with ties to human traffickers, freedom has never felt like more of a dream.

Donnie must confront his painful past to save Grace. But what will happen when she realizes that he’s not the knight in shining armor she once thought he was, but a sadist who longs for control? Will Donnie be able to reconcile his dark desires with his need to be… her hero?

Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains raw elements of violence, power exchange, and mild BDSM, including the disciplining of adult women. If these themes offend you, please do not purchase.


Her Hero is the Sixth book in the Boston Doms series by the talented team of Jane Henry and Maisy Archer. One of my favorite BDSM series, this one brings us to The Club South, which happens to be in Quincy, Ma., my old hometown. (I still live close, and boy do I wish there were an actual club there, so readers, don’t go looking.)

Our Hero of the story is Donnie Nolan, manager of The Club South, he’s gotten away from his old legbreaker days from his gangster cousin Mikey Nolan and has become a respected Dom. An old friend comes through his doors and sends him on a rescue mission back into Mikey’s purvue. He goes after the woman who hero worshipped him growing up, his Grace.

He brings Grace back to the club to keep her safe, but who’s going to keep Grace safe from him? Both want each other but age and her virginity, added with the danger she’s in make Donnie keep his hands off. But who holds out the longest? Grace has loved Donnie for years.

I loved this! The mix of sensuality plus danger and suspense was phenomenal, and I just knew something was up with that sub. ’nuff said. Plus, being a native of South Boston and Quincy Massachusetts makes this series a bit more special for me.

5 Sexy Spanktastic Stars


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