This Moody Bastard (Suncoast Society #50) By Tymber Dalton




Another holiday, another Suncoast Society party. But what’s troubling Cali, Sean, and Max? Can a kinky Easter egg hunt snap them out of it? As their friends gather once more, the triad puts on a united front and a happy face. While they remember to count their blessings, will the future finally come into clear focus?

Unicorn photo shoots, rainbow rope, and getting their cat, Baxter, stoned on catnip are all on the agenda. It doesn’t hurt that they finally get to see karma in all its splendid glory giving them the good kind of cosmic payback for a change.   They know they’re lucky. Now, all they have to do is keep reminding themselves of that fact.


Note: This book contains double penetration.




It’s hard to believe we are at book 50 in the Suncoast society, but here we are! And we are celebrating with one of the more popular threesomes, Max, Sean. and Cali. (And of course, Baxter the cat, a’k’a’ nip addict)

The threesome are having another party on top of the Spank Patrick’s Day party they just had. They figure, logistically, it makes sense, they have no children, plus they have a pool and hot tub.  It’s a no-brainer for them to be party hosts and the three of them agree. The boys decide to make their mojo no more and get snipped. So things are slow going for a while. But everyone has a case of the crankies over multiple issues.

We get to see Mal and Kel make an appearance after their tragedy which had me crying during the last book, but I’d really like to hear Mal’s story from her point of view. My big point of contention was that Sean seemed a lot more Subbie and Cali was a lot more Domme. Otherwise I totes loved it!!

5 Sexy, Satisfying Stars





“So, question,” Essie said, her finger tracing the baby monitor’s shape. “Why did you guys volunteer to hold two parties in a row? And why are you ordering your own frame? I thought you always borrowed Kel’s frame? In fact, is it not still set up on your lanai?”

Cali briefly debated whether or not to answer. Then she decided if she couldn’t be honest with her two best friends, she didn’t deserve to have them as friends to start with.

“We’ve decided we’re not having kids,” she admitted. “Sean and Max have appointments next Friday for vasectomies. We don’t mind having the parties at our place. Maybe not every single one, but it’s fun holding them. Since we don’t have kids, we don’t have the logistical juggling others do.”

The two women stared at her for a long, uncomfortable moment.


“I thought you wanted kids?” Essie asked. “Not judging,” she quickly added, “but when did this all happen?”

“It’s been gelling for a while. The three of us talked after the party and pretty much we’d all decided no.”

Chelbie’s quiet sigh seemed to hover and settle over them. “I know you’re smart enough to make this decision on your own, but please tell me it wasn’t triggered because of what happened to Mal and Kel?”

“It wasn’t, but that kind of slammed the point home for us.”

Chelbie nodded. “Okay,” she quietly said. “Because, frankly, if Mal ever thought—”

No. All three of us had independently been leaning this way already. We love our life just the way it is. We have fun. We have a business that’s not conducive to having children running around. Hell, Max and Sean are like two big kids anyway.” She explained that morning’s dancing Jesus bunny showdown, which brought smiles to the women’s faces.

“I wish you’d gotten a picture of him dressed like that,” Chelbie said. “That’d be priceless.”

“Don’t egg him on.”

Essie snorted. “You said egg about a kinky Jesus Easter bunny.”

“To finish responding to your comment,” Cali said, “no. Mal losing the baby didn’t make our decision for us, but it focused us to actually give voice to our decisions. I was afraid it’d upset them if I decided not to have kids, and they didn’t want to push me one way or the other, even though they’d each kind of decided they like the way we are now.”

“I believe you,” Chelbie said. “I just…wanted to make sure you were aware of that.”

“How is Mal doing?” Essie asked.

Chelbie shrugged. “I’m here and not there. Kel’s mom is with her this morning. She’s stopped pushing us away as hard as she was, but I wouldn’t say she’s doing better. Kel arranged with Doyle to have her talk to him twice a week, and Doyle’s working with her GP on prescriptions to—” She hesitated. “And that doesn’t go any farther than this table, right?”

“Right,” Essie and Cali said, both nodding.

Chelbie slumped in her chair. “Sorry. It’s so hard for me to see her like this and I can’t do anything to make it better for her. She’s been talking to Kel’s mom a lot. She went through a miscarriage. And June’s older sister, May, has been talking to her, too. They came over for brunch with her one morning, brought her food, and sat and talked, the three of them.”

“Did they ever discover what happened?” Cali asked.

Chelbie shook her head, her short, deep red bob bouncing a little. “No. That’s the worst part of this whole thing. Mal blames herself, no matter what the doctors and we tell her. She did nothing wrong. Sometimes, this…happens.” Her expression darkened. “But if one more fucking asshole says, ‘Oh, maybe it was god’s will,’ I swear I’ll cuntpunch them into the middle of next month.”

Cali’s eyes widened. “Oh, no. People have actually said that to her?”

“One that I know of, but not around me. Because anyone who’s tried to talk to her by getting through me first, if they’ve said any variation of that bullshit, I cut them off at the kneecaps and shut them down. Kel, too.” She snorted. “I only had three people try that shit, and I know Kel had at least one, because he walked outside with his phone and screamed at them.”

Chelbie ran a hand through her hair. “I get that they think they’re coming from a place of love and comfort, but that filters into, ‘Oh, god must have thought you’d be a sucky mother,’ when Mal hears it. The one that did send her back to bed all day Wednesday. Kel finally had to pull Master rank on her to order her out of bed Thursday morning to take her to her doctor for a meds adjustment.”


Sean easily could have laid there all night between Cali’s thighs. Definitely no hardship. He took his time, reading her body, the sound of her moans, muffled by Max’s mouth. The way she gasped for air or in pleasure at what he did.

Slightly hooking his fingers up, he found the sweet spot and gently applied pressure as he increased how hard he sucked on her clit. Sometimes, he loved it when they tied her up and kept her hovering on the edge for a long time, until she begged and finally safeworded for them to move on to the next step.

Nights like tonight, he equated it more to playing a fine instrument, getting what he wanted out of her, making her feel good.

When she came, he felt the walls of her pussy squeezing his fingers and knew he had her. Keeping her right there in that spot for just a little bit, to maximize her pleasure, he eased up with his mouth just before he thought she might be ready to safeword at the intensity.

Her hand settled on the back of his head, stroking, petting him.

He loved that, too.

“Thank you,” she said when Max let her talk again.

He kissed the inside of her left thigh, then her right. The nice thing about them all being switches was they had no expectations on each other. Whatever role they wanted or needed to fill at any given time, that was fine.

Even better, he and Max trusted her to top both of them when she was in the mood to do that.

A far cry from their ex—the reason they’d ended up together in the first place—who’d used and abused them and their trust.

Since Max was right there, in the perfect position, Sean moved over and took his lover’s cock into his mouth, going deep the way he loved.

That drew a sharp hiss from Max. “Oh, fuck yeah, buddy.” Max spread his legs, drawing them up to give Sean better access. He went in, licking his balls, even rimming him. When he looked up Max’s body, Cali now had him cradled against her and was kissing him, playing with his nipples much the same way he’d been teasing hers just a few minutes earlier.

Sean had hovered between feeling bottomy and feeling Toppy until that point.

Definitely Toppy.

“Watch out, babe.” Sean changed positions, pinning Max’s arms to the bed with his legs as he lowered his ass over his face. “Get that tongue busy, mister.” He hooked his arms over the backs of Max’s thighs, now basically pinning him in a hog-tied position. And he went deep, spearing Max’s rim with his tongue as Max moaned and did the same.

Got him.

Sean lifted his head. “Get it in there, buddy. You know what I like.”

Another moan from Max that rolled through Sean’s ass and balls and nearly made him spooge all over Max’s neck and chest.

He got Cali’s attention and mouthed towel, lube, and condom at her, and pointed to the bathroom. Understanding, she immediately fetched them for him. Adjusting his own position on Max’s face so his balls now filled the man’s mouth, he took a few deep breaths to make sure he maintained control.

Max was damn good with his mouth.

It didn’t help that as he got Max lubed up, the man knew what would be coming next. And Max moaned every time Sean’s fingers swept past his gland.

“Don’t you come yet,” he said, nipping the inside of Max’s thigh and drawing a pained yip from him. “I want you riding my cock when you come.”

Once he knew he’d tortured Max enough, he kissed the end of his cock and sat up, wiping his hands on the towel, his balls still in Max’s mouth. Then he rolled the condom onto his shaft and added more lube.

Only then did he finally relinquish his comfortable seat and lay back on the bed. “Okay, buddy. Mount and ride.”

Max rolled over onto him, kissing him as he threw a leg over Sean, straddling him. Sean’s hands settled on Max’s ass as the man backed up, getting the head of Sean’s cock lined up with his ass.

“That’s it,” Sean mumbled, grabbing a handful of Max’s hair. “You know you want it.”

It’d been a couple of weeks since Sean had actually fucked Max, although Max had blown him a couple of days before. He’d been fucking Cali, and Sean had stood in front of him, over Cali, and grabbed his head and went to town.

Everybody was a winner.

The permutations were endless, and a lot of fun.

He stared up into Max’s eyes as Max worked Sean’s cock deep inside him, until his ass was pressed against Sean’s thighs. Then Sean reached down and slicked pre-cum pearling at his slit down Max’s shaft.

Then Max started moving. Sean timed the strokes with his hand, getting into a rhythm with Max, slowly building. It was a catch-22, that Max wanted to come as well as draw it out for as long as possible once he’d hit that sweet zone. Sean knew this was Max’s favorite position to take Sean’s cock in, able to control how and where his cock reached inside him, how hard, how deep.

It didn’t take long before Max was bouncing up and down on him, his hands braced on Sean’s pecs. Max ground his ass against Sean’s cock, hard thrusts that Sean knew would make both of them quickly explode at that rate. Cali snuggled in close, her hands trailing up first Sean’s body, then Max’s.

Max’s climax started, his tight ass squeezing Sean’s cock and triggering Sean’s release. He kept stroking Max’s cock, now slick with the man’s cum, as his own cock erupted and filled the condom in Sean’s ass.

Max leaned in and kissed him, his tongue fucking Sean’s mouth. “Damn, I love you.”

Sean brushed Max’s cheek with his thumb. “Love you, too.”

Cali propped herself up on her elbow. “How about me?” She playfully smiled.

“You, too.” Sean kissed her.

Max leaned in and kissed her, too. “Of course we love you.”

“Just checking. A girl likes to hear it every so often.”


About knotty girl Sandiehttp://Knottygirlreview.comJust a subbie, and an author who loves books, especially the kinky ones. I've been reading since I could hold a book and I have a voracious appetite for them. I have that dreaded disease, oneclickitis. I probably have at least 5500 books just on my Kindle alone.I am also a writer and I'm currently writing my first book, which is the first in a planned series.

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