The Dom’s Bride (Cupid’s Cove Book 1) by Sydney St Claire


A broken-hearted bride, a Dom without a sub and Cupid’s arrow aimed and nocked.

On the day of her wedding, Emma Beckett discovers her fiancé and her best friend in bed together. Dreams crushed, she flees the hotel.

World-famous photographer, Mack Brown is a Dom who specializes in BDSM erotic art. Unfortunately, a bitter fight leaves him without his assistant and model. With an upcoming show, he’s desperate. When he comes across a stranded, sad-eyed bride, he immediately sees potential.

Emma can’t deny her instant attraction to Mack. One kiss is enough to make her forget about her broken heart. When Mack offers her a job as his assistant and model, with no strings sex as part of the deal, she’s tempted. While she’s not a submissive woman, her body craves his touch and her heart yearns to be soothed.

Can Mack ease her broken heart, or will he break it anew? Can Emma fill the void in Mack’s life and chase away the darkness that haunts his nights?

The Dom’s Bride is the first book in Cupid’s Cove, a new series by Sydney St. Claire, author of the Once Upon A Dom erotica series. If you like hot romance with lots of sex and spice, you’ll love Sydney’s newest series.

Check out The Dom’s Bride today and be prepared to experience the magic of Cupid’s Cove

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Sydney St Claire has become a new favorite author of mine, thanks to her Once Upon A Dom fairy tale BDSM romance series that has totally knocked my socks off. (Still have a couple to review! Insert smiley face here.) So, when I saw that she had a new series out in Cupid’s Cove, I just had to buy it, even if I am a tad slow in reviewing it.

Emma Beckett is supposed to be having the happiest day of her life. She’s getting married! That is, until she finds her fiance and best friend in bed together. Then, her getaway doesn’t quite get too far. So, she ends up walking down the road in Cupid’s Cove, ripping her dress off a piece at a time.

Erotic photographer and dominant Mack Brown isn’t in a great mood either, he’s lost his assistant and sometime sub. He starts seeing pieces of a gown after finding a disabled car. Following his clicking camera, he comes upon Emma. He offers her a job and soon it becomes so much more…

This was another brilliant outing by Sydney St Claire, she just makes you fall in love with love all over again! And who better with than gorgeous alpha doms who cherish their women and give them the time of their lives! A definite keeper for any digital bookshelf!

5 Happy-ever After Stars



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