7 deadly sins…7 romance authors…7 novellas. NOW AVAILABLE!


7 deadly sins…7 romance authors…7 novellas.

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PRIDE by Scott Hildreth

Fisher Knox’s pride has him staring down the barrel of a gun to defend a woman he doesn’t even know. Little do the assailants know, this wouldn’t be the first time Fisher has killed a man.

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Scott Hildreth’s contribution to “The 7’s” Deadly Sin Collection is Pride. A book about a Marine who does an 80 month stint in prison for allegedly killing a man during a firefight during a battle, upon his release Fisher Knox has a mission. Along the way, he rescues Anna McKay, a woman on the run from an abusive ex, she has Fisher to thank for escaping an even worse fate. She goes with him on his trek to get “To the coast”.  As the title says, it’s a matter of pride. One of the better books in this series!


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GREED by Geri Glenn

He swoops in like a fantasy and steals my heart, but his insatiable greed will ruin us both.

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Greed was one of the more difficult books in this series for me to read. Our heroine Alex is a porn star, and the two men depicted in the book, another porn actor and the owner of the company, were not particularly hero material,especially our owner Maxwell. The subject matter is gritty and dark, and frankly was just a bit too much for me.


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SLOTH by Max Henry

One fateful night, one stolen kiss, and I’m determined to prove he does care about something … me.
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If you like your romance dark, violent, and your hero and heroine a bit on the “bad” side? Then Max henry’s contribution to The 7’s Deadly Sin Book Series will have you fanning yourself. April is running for her life from her abusive boyfriend when she’s suddenly “saved” by someone who seems much worse. Dallas is quite lethal, and he has no intention of letting April go. He figures, now that he’s saved her, he owns her. You’ll see just how far Dallas will go to keep April. It’s not your mother’s romance novel.


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WRATH by Gwyn McNamee
When love is ripped away, wrath invades my soul, blinding my vision and feeding my bloodlust—it feels like coming home.
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ENVY by Kerri Ann
Seeing it firsthand, feeling their wants, and dealing with the confessions of the fake repentant souls that cross my threshold, it leaves me wanton—envious of their absolution.
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My apologies to the author, but religion and sex are a line I don’t and won’t cross.

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LUST by FG Adams
Lust controls every action between us when we meet, a hunger so powerful it consumes us both–until the unthinkable happens and she disappears.
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One of the more difficult reads in “The 7” Deadly Sins series of novellas, Lust contains triggers that may bother some folks. This is also a novella that is a part of Ms Adams series, This Is Our Life, which these characters appear in. However, this can be read as a standalone. Vanna is left at the altar by her fiancee’. Unsure of what to do, she sees a billboard outside the church. Decision made. Later, Infantryman Knox Fuller arrives at an army hospital in Afghanistan to pick-up his best friend when he sees a beautiful nurse that he wants to get to know better. Vanna lusts after Knox as well, but just as they start getting to know each other, she disappears. Be forewarned, there may be triggers in this for some due to violence and sexual assault.


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My damnable past follows me everywhere, so I live with one set rule:
Only one thing matters, even if that one thing cost me everything.
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Gluttony is M C Webb’s brilliant contribution to the dark and sometimes twisty “The 7” Deadly Sins Novella series. Out of all seven books, this was probably my favorite of them all! Colt was a promising NCAA star with his eye on the NBA, when he loses absolutely everything thanks to greed and his best friend ratting him out, he even loses his woman. He ends up doing time, then he becomes a high paid escort. One day he becomes fascinated by a woman, and follows her to a church. This becomes a habit. Then, he gets a client one night that changes everything. Just loved the twists and turns at the end of this!


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