Mr. Big by Nana Malone



Title: Mr. Big
Series: A London Billionaire Standalone
Author: Nana Malone
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2017
You’ve heard the rumors.
Yes, they’re all true. The women…the bank account…the really big…
Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m just saying, there’s a reason some
call me Mr. Big. But none of it will matter to her. I’ve known her since we
were kids. And she’s just as off limits now as she was then.
She’s my best friend’s little sister and when he asked me to give her the
grand tour, he did not mean of my bedroom.
So Mr. Big has to stay under wraps… One problem, she’s the only woman
I’ve ever truly loved. But with the secret I’m keeping, she’ll never love me
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Nina Malone always writes books that are wonderful page-turners that you just can’t put down once you start. Mr. Big joins that bunch. This book is a more lighthearted romance than I’m used to from Ms. Malone. No killers, or mobsters. Just a man in love with his best friend’s sister.

I figured this may end up being one of those cliched best friend’s little sister books, but it’s not. It’s a truly wonderfully written book. Emma has come to London to study photography, get her masters degree, and get out from her parent’s thumbs. What she doesn’t know is that her crush is there. Billionaire club owner Zack is asked by his best friend Stephen to watch over his little sister Emma. Trouble is, Zack has more than platonic feelings for Emma. Trouble is, he feels more than responsible for her brother Ben’s death. Will that come between them? You’ll want to grab a copy and find out!


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Author Bio
USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone’s love of all
things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel
she “borrowed” from her cousin.
It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a
precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since.
With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was
only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.
While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin,
Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit
as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.
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