Saved By Her Vampires by Doris O’Connor

Everyone knows that happily ever afters only happen in fairy tales. Real life is cruel and painful. Bianca may fantasize about the two hunks in the shadows, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever notice her. Men as sinfully sexy as the two brothers won’t want a crippled redhead like her. The New Year has alwaysContinue reading “Saved By Her Vampires by Doris O’Connor”

Mikhail: A Royal Dragon Romance (Brothers of Ash and Fire #2) by Lauren Smith

    Title: Mikhail: A Royal Dragon Romance Series: Brothers of Ash and Fire #2 Author: Lauren Smith Genre: Paranormal Romance Dragon Shifter Release Date: January 10, 2018 Blurb A dragon never leaves his hoard unguarded.  His heart is another matter. The second eldest in an ancient line of Russian dragon shifters, Mikhail Barinov hadContinue reading “Mikhail: A Royal Dragon Romance (Brothers of Ash and Fire #2) by Lauren Smith”

Their Starlet by April Zyon

Brooklyn Anderson is America’s sweetheart and has starred in movie after movie. However, the one thing she craves is love. It seems that every man she slept with broke up with her within two days, having found the one-true-love of his life. This is only natural, since Brooklyn is the descendant of Aphrodite, Goddess ofContinue reading “Their Starlet by April Zyon”

Their Weapons Maker (Heroes Of Olympus 3) by April Zyon

Rachael Dunfries isn’t ready to die. She’ll fight tooth and nail to survive the gutless attack that put her in the hospital—even hire protection to keep her safe. Falling in love with the men looking after her was not part of the plan. Discovering the threat won’t be an easy battle to win, but DieterContinue reading “Their Weapons Maker (Heroes Of Olympus 3) by April Zyon”

Marked by the Dragon (The Dragons of Skye 1) by Doris O’Connor

Fainting is a perfectly appropriate response to being confronted by a huge dragon—right? While humans have been marked for and by the dragons for centuries, they do not know dragons exist. So, tattoo artist and dragon shifter Duncan Strannach faces a unique problem when he scents his very human mate. Kerry Jo Watson cannot understandContinue reading “Marked by the Dragon (The Dragons of Skye 1) by Doris O’Connor”

Enforcers Embrace (Southern Supernatural Alphas 2) Sara Anderson

Blurb: Logan Grant is a protector and enforcer for the Wolf Creek pack. He and his partner, Ash Cooper, keep the darkness away from the innocent humans and lycans living in the pack lands. Logan never imagined he’d fall for a human female, but when he met Emily Mullen, she stole his heart and madeContinue reading “Enforcers Embrace (Southern Supernatural Alphas 2) Sara Anderson”

Mallory’s Mark by Erzabet Bishop

  🐺 Find Your next great read. 🐺    OUT NOW! Mallory’s Mark: Book Two in the Demons of Darkness series!   From USA Today bestselling author Erzabet Bishop- Step into a stand-alone novel  of shifters, vampires and a succubus on the run from her past. Join the Headtalker campaign!   #shifter romance, #paranormalContinue reading “Mallory’s Mark by Erzabet Bishop”

Owned By The Alpha Anthologies

The Alpha lives for the hunt… Driven by instinct, an Alpha shifter recognizes his fated mate from one scent, one touch. He’ll pursue his woman, regardless of the cost, and anyone else would be smart to get out of his way. He won’t stop until he takes possession of his prize. Although the hunter doesn’tContinue reading “Owned By The Alpha Anthologies”

The Dragon’s Pet by Loki Renard

Book Blurb: When her plane goes down near the front line of the ongoing war between humans and dragons, Aria comes face to face with one of the enemy, and then the terrible beast transforms before her eyes into a huge, devastatingly handsome man. Taken captive and brought back to the dragon’s lair, she quicklyContinue reading “The Dragon’s Pet by Loki Renard”

First Contact (Heroes of Olympus book 1) by April Zyon

About Mikhail “Wolf” Rossov and Gareth “Gunner” Gruffyd are part of a joint Navy SEAL and Army Ranger team that have been tasked with a new war. One that needs to be kept from being discovered, at all costs.Out on the job, they end up saving a woman who turns out to be more thanContinue reading “First Contact (Heroes of Olympus book 1) by April Zyon”


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