Disgrace is Nothing But!

      Title: Disgrace Author: Dee Palmer Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense Release Date: May 29, 2016 Blurb I shamed my name. I am a whore. I am a disgrace. I’m all the things my mother made me. I wear my badge with pride because I know the truth, and only those worth a damnContinue reading “Disgrace is Nothing But!”

Redeemed! (With mini-interview)

What can I say? The world needs more killers for hire like Eitan Kent. It would certainly be rid of some seriously awful people, that, and be full of some hot hunks who knew how to lead in the bedroom. Eitan is an ex-CIA operative who’s sister went missing from her dorm room, when theContinue reading “Redeemed! (With mini-interview)”

“Found” A Great Book!

    The book so dirty it was banned from Amazon! Does that grab your attention? Well, grab a copy of this book, because it’s good enough to warrant that attention. But not for Amazon’s reasons, whatever they may actually be. First off, read the warnings in front of the book, or included on theContinue reading ““Found” A Great Book!”

His To Have

              Victor She’s every man’s wet dream. Every night on the TV, broadcasting the news with her tight skirts and tits in front of the world. I’ve sat back and watched as she thinks she runs the world, directing everyone and everything. But her time is up. I’ve plannedContinue reading “His To Have”

Bound By Blood

Bound by Blood is the second in the Betrayed series by Victoria Renteria. In the first book of the series, the groundwork is laid for the relationship between Alex, or Alexander James Grant, a Captain in the Army who is also the leader of a Delta force team. He meets and falls for Kylee, aContinue reading “Bound By Blood”

Wicked Mafia Prince

The premise of this story is this, Viktor had to throw the love of his life off of a gorge a long time ago because he thought she betrayed both him and the mafia family they belonged to. Now it turns out she’s quite alive and of all things, she’s a nun…and she has amnesia.Continue reading “Wicked Mafia Prince”

Dark, Delicious, Salvatore.

Salvatore by Natasha Knight is so hot that you are going to need oven mitts on to handle your reader. Ms Knight proves why she’s a USA today bestselling author with this book, because my, my, my, Salvatore is amazing! I was hooked right from the beginning when poor Lucia had to sign herself overContinue reading “Dark, Delicious, Salvatore.”

The End Game:A Must Have!

I’ll admit it, I had a huge fangirl squee moment when this book came out. Honestly, I was pretty excited when I heard it was coming out as I’m a huge fan of Kera’s in the first place. While I’ve gotten ARC’s from her before, I just couldn’t wait and bought it when it wentContinue reading “The End Game:A Must Have!”

The Other Brother

Warning: This is a dark romance and as such it contains scenes of a sensitive nature that some readers may find discomforting. The Other Brother is the third book in the Snow and Ash Series. It takes place four years after the volcano erupted and in volcanic winter. This is the story of Bianca MasonContinue reading “The Other Brother”

Salvatore is now Available!

This dark mafia romance will leave your breathless…and it’s Now Available! BUY NOW Amazon Universal | Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Nook BLURB: “Salvatore is a delicious dark mafia feast full of sexy, page-turning goodness!” -NYT Bestselling Author, Annika Martin Lucia It all started with a contract signed by him, then byContinue reading “Salvatore is now Available!”


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